Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services in Austin TX
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Why Clean Green?

April 18th, 2012   •   No Comments   


In recent years, the environmentally-friendly lifestyle has swept the nation and has become not only a trend, but a passion—or perhaps even a religion—for some. If you’ve caught on to the eco-conscious movement and have seen some of the green cleaning products on the market, you may be wondering whether or not your new green approach really has to encompass your cleaning habits as well. While it’s certainly a personal decision, there are clearly some benefits to cleaning green. Here are just a few:

  • It’s good for the Earth.

Let’s start with the obvious, why don’t we? Using less abrasive cleaning products packaged in biodegradable containers is simply better for the planet. There are actually some scientifically valid pieces of evidence—and quite technical ones at that—that prove this to be the case. Ready? Ok, here goes. Many of the ordinary cleaners you see at your local retailer contain volatile organic chemicals, not so affectionately referred to as VOCs. These chemicals are toxic to the air, water, and soil and can further hamper the already frail ozone layer. Once these harmful chemicals are released, they are here to stay. Period.

  • It’s good for you and your fellow co-workers.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the quality of air in your home or office space can have a significant effect on your  health. In fact, the organization ranks poor quality of air as one of the five biggest risks to human health. What does this have to do with your cleaning regimen, you might ask. Well, the type of cleaners you choose to spray into your home or office space can either improve or decrease air quality. If you use cleaners with VOCs—which we have already established are harmful to the environment—what do you think their effects will be on your  health? It’s a no-brainer. In addition to mild allergic reactions, VOCs are suspected to cause cognitive and visual impairments and possibly even cancer. In addition to VOCs, most cleaners and detergents contain synthetic, petroleum-based fragrances known to cause harm to the environment as well as to your health. So while you’re sniffing that Tropical Breeze-scented air freshener, you may also be inhaling toxins right into your lungs.   And if that’s not enough to make you change your mind, consider this—children are most susceptible to the harmful effects of these toxic chemicals.

So are the ingredients in today’s most popular cleaning brands really all that harmful? Well, the easy answer is—yes, they are. But, you still might be thinking, “Well if they’re so bad, why is everyone else using them?” That’s a very good question and a topic for another day, but the bottom line is if you still have your doubts about going “clean green,” that’s ok because green cleaning offers you a safe bet.  Make an investment in green cleaning, and rest easy knowing that your home or office space, your air, and your environment are truly clean.

Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers green cleaning services for your commercial space.  Visit their site for more green cleaning and quote details.

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