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Do janitorial companies provide janitorial/cleaning supplies?

June 27th, 2012   •   No Comments   

I recently ran across this question on a message board and it sparked my interest. It’s a very good question and one that anyone looking for a commercial janitorial cleaning company should be prepared to ask. In an effort to keep you informed, I would like to expand on that question with another related follow-up question that it brought to mind.

Do janitorial companies provide janitorial/cleaning supplies?

In my experience, the larger companies will and SHOULD provide their own cleaning supplies.  In fact this is a very important question to ask when searching for a reputable janitorial cleaning company. Ask the cleaning company about their products and ask them where they purchase their products. The more reputable companies are leveraging their buying power with large commercial supply vendors and are likely receiving better rates, which in turn means better rates for you, the potential client. If your potential janitorial cleaning company says they are getting their supplies from someplace like Sam’s or Costco, find another company. Because companies like Sam’s or Costco are so large, most janitorial companies have absolutely no leverage to get better pricing. From personal experience, we have found amazing deals from commercial supply vendors that focus primarily on janitorial/cleaning supplies.

What types of supplies can janitorial companies provide?

Janitorial cleaning companies can provide not only the actual cleaning supplies for which they will be using to clean your facility, but they can also provide other janitorial supplies like paper towels, toilet paper, hand soap, toilet liners, toilet paper & hand soap dispensers, trash bags, etc.

Here’s a helpful tip for you, the client. When getting bids from potential cleaning companies, be sure to ask for a bid for supplies. If you are buying the supplies yourself, it is very likely your janitorial cleaning company can provide those for you at a better rate and it’s much less hassle to streamline the ordering of supplies to the people that are providing your janitorial services.

To summarize, yes, janitorial cleaning companies can provide janitorial/cleaning supplies. When having a potential company bid for your facility, you should absolutely have them provide rates for supplies. And finally, you should always ask them where they buy their supplies because where they buy them will affect the rate they are billing you for their services. We are all concerned with saving costs and while you don’t necessarily want to cut costs with the quality of the cleaning that your janitorial cleaning companies provides, you can cut costs by knowing where your supplies come from and by having your janitorial cleaning company purchase the supplies for you.


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