Hiring a maid service? Here's what you should know...
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Hiring a maid service? Here’s what you should know…

August 16th, 2012   •   No Comments   

So you’re looking into hiring a maid service?  Seems easy right?  Well, it can be, but quite often it’s not as easy as it should be.  I was out socializing with some friends last night and one mentioned that her new maid quoted her a ridiculous price for cleaning her house, $800 a month for once a week services to be exact. This struck a cord with me. At Austin Professional Cleaning Services, we specialize in commercial janitorial cleaning, however, in special cases we are asked to provide residential cleaning services to some of our current commercial clients. We are happy to be able to offer those services to our clients and are able to do so at a very reasonable price.  Back to my friend, $800 a month for weekly cleaning services is extremely high, but here is some useful information that you should know when hiring a maid service:

Residential Cleaning/Maid Service

  1. You can pay less for recurring cleaning services.  The reason for this is because in theory your house should need less deep cleaning if the cleaning is being done regularly. Rule of thumb, the more often you receive the service, the less the cost should be per service.
  2. If using an independent person, meaning this person is not affiliated with a maid service or a commercial cleaning company, be sure to negotiate, even name your price. Here’s the thing, they aren’t working for a larger company so they don’t have 10-20% coming off the top of their paycheck. They keep the entire amount of what you pay them. So in theory you should be able to pay them less. Maybe you have no idea what this type of service should cost? Get a free online quote from an actual maid service so that you know beforehand what this type of service should cost.
  3. If the housekeeper you have hired requests to be paid in cash, that’s fine to do, just be sure to send them a 1099 in January. It’s a write-off for you, but the housekeeper also needs to report those taxes.  Just be aware that sometimes when a contractor requests cash payment, they are trying to get around paying taxes.  Make it very clear that you intend to report those taxes even though you are paying in cash.
  4. An actual cleaning company with many housekeepers on staff likely does a better job of prescreening their employees so if you are weary of who you want in your house, consider using a larger company that takes the time prescreen and provide criminal background checks. Another good thing here is if you aren’t happy with the maid they send over, you can request someone else very easily.
  5. If you require more of a deep cleaning service for every cleaning, for instance refrigerator & oven deep cleaning, you could be billed an additional fee. The same goes if you require green cleaning products or if you have animals living in your home.

Good thing for my friend, she did apply some negotiation skills and did get a much better rate for her cleaning services. This can be avoided though by doing some simple research before having someone give you an actual quote. And even if you do receive an unacceptable quote, there are many other cleaning companies that would be happy to bid for your business.

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