Stripping and Waxing a Floor
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Stripping and Waxing a Floor

August 30th, 2012   •   1 Comment   

Stripping and Waxing FloorsEver noticed a floor that appears to be slightly yellow in color?  There’s a good chance the floor is dirty and needs a good stripping in order to bring it back to its original condition. Dirt and grime compromise the finish and appearance of your floors, giving them an unprofessional look. If left in place, dirt and debris coupled with friction from foot traffic can cause permanent scratches in your floors, which are unattractive and unsafe. To keep your business, office, or facility looking clean and professional, it’s important to have the floors stripped and waxed regularly.  And because floors undergo much wear and tear it is an investment you need to be willing to make at least 2 times per year.

The stripping and waxing concept is a fairly simple one, but the procedure itself can be complex and tedious requiring the right equipment, solution, and attention to detail.  Don’t be alarmed if the company you hire to do the job needs a full day or two to get the job done.  Depending on the size of your facility, this may definitely be the case. There are also some important safety guidelines to consider in order to prevent reactions to chemicals as well as slips and falls.  As you can imagine the stripping chemicals are extremely strong and the wax can be dangerously slippery when wet.

If you are contracting the job out to a professional, be sure to hire a company with a proven track record of success and good customer references. Remember, the appearance of your business or facility—including the floors—says a lot about your company and can affect the bottom line. Although regular stripping and waxing can be expensive, it can also make the difference between a polished and professional appearance and an unappealing, grimy-looking environment that no one wants to step foot in. You’ll be surprised at how a good stripping and waxing job can transform the appearance of your building! Your floors are definitely a first impression that people generally see when walking into your place of business so make a positive impression by routinely taking care of your floors.

Want to increase the lifespan of your floors and keep them clean?  Hire a professional floor care service to do the work for you. Camilo Kawas understands the importance of providing quality work as the owner of a successful commercial cleaning company specializing in stripping and waxing.

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    I am looking for a company to strip and wax my preschool. I would like a quote.

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