Post Construction Clean Up
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What is Post Construction Clean Up?

August 28th, 2012   •   2 Comments   

Post Construction CleanupWhat is post construction cleaning up? Put simply, it is the final deep cleaning that is done after a major renovation or new build. With the amount of left over materials, debris, dirt and dust generated during the building phase, the post construction cleaning job is highly valuable to make a smooth transition from building phase to open-for-business phase. The construction company over the project typically will subcontract a cleaning company to do one final thorough cleaning before the inspection by the building management of the property. It is important that the construction company meets all necessary standards according to code for the inspection and clean up is a major factor for completion.

Because construction companies are almost always on a time crunch to meet deadlines, the cleaning company is often times called at the last minute for the job. You will typically only have about 1-2 day notice and about 1-2 days to fully complete the job, no matter how large the space. More times than not , you can expect that the construction subcontractors will still be doing last minute jobs while you are cleaning. This is just the nature of this type of job. So to protect yourself, be sure your proposal includes a section for the costs of “touch-up” services or “re-do’s”. You will almost always have to do one or both because maybe the electrician had to drill a wiring hole or the painter had to do some touch up painting last minute.  It’s also a good idea to be sure your contract covers “waiting man hours”. This is just in case the subcontractors are still finishing the construction job and you have a crew waiting to start. This is very typical of these types of jobs so be sure to include that into your quote so there are no surprises when it comes to getting paid.

The upside to these types of jobs, they generally pay well, assuming the construction company hasn’t blown through their budget. Even if they have, because the jobs are so last minute and considered rush jobs, they will often disregard budget to get the job done. They almost always understand that a rush job deserves higher pay so pay negotiation is typically a non-issue. You should be comfortable with ladders and heights, be willing to work long hours on short notice, and maintain a positive attitude because in this type of job there will be surprises.

Post construction clean up can include but is not limited to these items:

  • Sweep & mop all hard floor surfaces
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas
  • Wipe down and clean cabinets and drawers inside and out.
  • Wipe down and clean countertops and sinks, fixtures polished.
  • Scrub and clean bathtubs, shower stalls, toilets, and shower doors.
  • Clean and polish all mirrors and glass.
  • Sweep, scrape and hose off stairs, landings, walks, decks, patios, and garage floors.
  • Dust all high ceilings
  • Remove all carpet and pad remnants.
  • Trash and debris haul off


Additional services that can be included upon request and at a higher cost:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Upholstery Cleaning
  • Floor Stripping & Waxing
  • Window Washing
  • Washing Walls
  • Paint Removal
  • Washing Blinds
  • Washing Window Screens
  • Fireplace Cleaning
  • Mold Removal
  • Brass Polishing
  • Large Debris Removal
  • Power Washing
  • Garage Cleaning
  • A/C or Heating Duct Cleaning
  • Tile floor scrubbing
  • High dusting
  • Carpet Removal


Materials needed for a post construction job:

  • mop & mop bucket
  • broom & dustpan
  • 30-foot extension ladder
  • 6 to 8-foot step ladder
  • Shop-Vac
  • regular vacuum cleaner (upright or canister) with long hose attachment for stairs
  • window cleaning tools
  • tool belt for window tools
  • plastic putty knife scrapers
  • cotton rags
  • rubber gloves
  • big soft-bristle scrub brush for showers and tubs
  • quality spray bottle (again, buy the best)
  • gallon of non-toxic cleaning solution
  • assorted cleaners for label removal, etc.
  • plastic buckets

Are you a construction company or a building management company looking for a professional team to take care of your post construction cleaning needs?  Only a company experienced in post construction cleanup should be used. Otherwise, the job may not be completed according to code, which can cause major problems and/or setbacks. Austin Professional Cleaning Services has tons of experience in these types of one-time jobs. Let us service your post construction job today!

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