Regular Office Cleaning = Healthy, Happy Employees
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Regular Office Cleaning = Healthy, Happy Employees

September 6th, 2012   •   No Comments   

Did you know as a company you can proactively choose to spend more money on professional commercial cleaning services and in turn pay less in health insurance costs, have less sick employees taking sick days and have higher worker productivity.  We all know, when we are sick, attempting to work can be nearly impossible. But regular office cleaning can literally increase your bottom line and you can have healthy, happy employees at the same time, therein improving your work atmosphere.

Have you ever heard of Sick Building Syndrome? In a nutshell, it’s a combination of ailments associated with a person’s workplace. And guess what, in most cases, poor air quality is to blame. It’s a problem in our workspaces today. Do you ever notice that the minute you step foot into your building, you start to sneeze or maybe you suddenly get an itchy nose. It’s no coincidence.  Let’s face it, many of our office buildings today don’t even have the ability to open a window, so you can imagine all of the dust and allergens that must be floating around within the air.

However, this is where a good professional cleaning company can come in and make a difference.  You want to be sure they are performing the proper tasks to help prevent sickness but you also want to be sure your company has hired them to clean as often as needed. If you are working in a building that receives a good bit of foot traffic or is lined with cubes, you need to be sure you are receiving daily cleaning services. This way, your counters are being wiped down daily and your floors, which are basically like big air filters, are also being cleaned out, vacuumed, daily. Here are 5 things you can actively put into place to promote a healthy work environment

  1. Invest in the right professional cleaning company.
  2. Invest in carpet cleaning regularly. To keep costs low, choose a cleaning company that also provides carpet cleaning services.
  3. Get rid of the dust. Be sure the person cleaning your space is getting into those hard to reach spaces. Also, if you have high ceilings, be sure to have your cleaning company dust the ceilings for you regularly as well.
  4. Be sure the correct products and solutions are being used. Some cleaning products contain harsh chemicals that can especially irritate those people already suffering with allergies. But also, some cleaning products can trigger allergy symptoms so just be sure to check what cleaning products your company uses
  5. Clean your space. Your phone, keyboard and desktop are among some of the dirtiest places in your office space. Be sure to include the cleaning of those items within your cleaning contract.

Need help keeping your office space clean?  Austin Professional Cleaning Services is here to help and offers free quotes.


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