Window Cleaning Tips
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Window Cleaning Tips

September 5th, 2012   •   No Comments   

Who doesn’t love a clean window, especially when you have an office with a view. Here in Austin, TX, many of us are fortunate enough to have an office with a view of our beautiful hills or that ever changing skyline. I just hope you are lucky enough to have a clear view of our beautiful city and landscape. If not, you likely need to invest in a professional window cleaning job. It’s not very costly but I guarantee it has the ability to make a good impression on anyone entering your office space. Something about clean windows just makes people happy.  Isn’t that why having your windows cleaned is one of the top 5 items a realtor will tell you to do in order to sell your home?

Here are some tips anyone hiring a professional window cleaning company should know about window cleaning:

  • Use the Right Tools. Make sure your team has the right tools to get the job done efficiently and correctly. Some of those tools include a professional grade squeegee, extension poles, a scraper for removal of paint and insects, soft toothbrushes and old cotton t-shirts.
  • Use the Appropriate Amount of Cleaning Solution. Some professional companies use the professionally made solutions, others may use a dishwashing soap, like Palmolive. Don’t be surprised by that latter option, because if the company knows what they are doing, it shouldn’t matter. The key though is knowing how much cleaning solution to use. Be sure your company has a formula for this, otherwise, you will be left with streaky windows.
  • Don’t Clean in Direct Sunlight. Have your windows cleaned early in the morning, the evening or on an overcast day. Direct sunlight causes the the cleaning solution to dry too quickly, leaving little time for the polish, which in turn leaves streaks behind.
  • Use Opposite Strokes on Inside and Outside. When working on inside window panes, the windows should be wiped  horizontally to clean them. When working outside, the windows should be cleaned using a vertical stroke. This will give you a streak free finish, but it also will make any streaks more obvious, which provides the professional cleaner something to check himself by.

A professional cleaning company will have the proper tools and techniques to make sure your business’s windows are free of dirt and other substances. Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers window cleaning services and we are always available to give a free quote.

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