Deep Clean a Refrigerator
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Deep Clean a Refrigerator

November 29th, 2012   •   No Comments   

If you have ever taken on the task to deep clean a refrigerator, you know what a tedious job it can be. Unfortunately though, it’s one of those jobs that needs to be taken care of about twice a year. For those of you expecting your weekly maid service to take on the job when they come, don’t be surprised when they say that’s not in the job description. Deep cleaning a fridge is typically an additional cost, expect at least $20 a service. It’s a super time consuming task and can be tedious, depending on how dirty yours happens to be.

If you want to skip that additional fee and do it yourself, here’s a step-by-step guide that will help you get started:

What You Will  Need

  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Sponge
  • Dish soap (this is a great degreaser)
  • Hot water
  • Steel wool scrubber
  • Dish towels
  • Glass cleaner
  • Counter space for organizing food
  • Trashcan

Step-by-Step Instructions

1 Remove Everything. Remove everything from the refrigerator and place on your kitchen counter. You can also do this in stages, for instance do the shelves first and then move on to the doors.

2 Throw Out. Throw out all expired products and consolidate doubles. Anything that smells funny funky, looks weird or has an expiration date needs to go.  This is also a good time to trash other items or condiments you know you’re probably never going to use.

3 Remove & Wash Shelves & Drawers. Once removed, wash them them with warm soapy water. If they are too large to wash in your kitchen sink, try the  bathtub. And if that’s too much trouble, just give them a good wipe down with all-purpose cleaner and a dish towel on your kitchen counter. At this point, I also chose to use some Windex on the glass shelves to get them extra clean and streak-free.

4 Wipe Down Interior. Wipe down all the fridge’s interior spaces with a dish towel. For those of you looking for a really deep clean, if there are any shelf seams or rubber seals with buried bits of grime, use a sponge. Once dry, put your shelves and drawers back into place.

5 Put Back & Organize. Put like items next to one another just to keep things nice and organized. While you’re at it, wipe down those pesky sticky spots on bottles. This will help keep the refrigerator as clean as possible. If you know an item’s going to expire soon, mark it with the label “use first” or place it in the front.

6 Add Baking Soda. Add a box of baking soda to the back of the fridge. This will help to eliminate nasty odors moving forward.

7 Wipe Down Exterior. This part is much easier to do and is probably already being done more often than the interior, especially for those of you with stainless and small children.  Give the exterior a quick wipe down with your product of choice. If you have a stainless steel fridge, use a stainless steel cleaner and wipe with the grain of the steel. Microfiber cloths work great for stainless appliances. For enameled steel fridges, an all-purpose cleaner will work perfect.

Now check that daunting task off your list, for now at least. Doesn’t it make your day to have a clean fridge!  And don’t worry, for those that would rather pay someone to do it for you, that’s what we are for. Contact us at Austin Professional Cleaning Services  and we will send someone right over!

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