Post-Remodel Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, Post renovation
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Post-Remodel Cleaning

November 7th, 2012   •   1 Comment   

What is post-remodel cleaning? Put simply, it is the final deep cleaning that is done after a major home renovation. Think popcorn scraping, room additions, room expansions, drywall work, etc. With the amount of left over materials, debris, dirt and dust generated during the building phase, the post-remodel cleaning job is highly valuable to make a smooth transition from contruction phase to actually being able to live in your new space phase.

After just recently going through a major house remodel, I feel the need to write a blog specifically geared to cleaning your home post-remodel. Anyone that has ever had a major renovation done in their home can attest that the mess a construction team leaves behind can be unruly   I remember walking into my house during the renovation and thinking how can I ever live here again?  The secret to it all is to have an amazing post-remodel cleaning crew come up behind the construction team to clean up the mess.

Hire a specialized post-remodel house cleaning service to make your home ready for use after the remodeling has taken place. Attempting to clean yourself could lead to dangerous conditions that could threaten your family. For instance, discarded glass and nails can be super dangerous, while dust and debris from remodeling can be hazardous to your health when inhaled.  And beyond the health hazards, the dust left behind can damage or even ruin furniture and rugs. Take that firsthand, from me!  Plus dust inevitably finds its way far beyond the work area, traveling on shoes and clothing and even through ductwork.  During my remodel I ruined at least 2 pair of shoes from walking through the house on a daily basis.

If you have decided to skimp on the professional crew to do the job, I want to at least provide you with a few tips along with what you would need to get started:

Post-Remodel Cleaning Tips:

  • Try and clean up behind your crew daily. This will help to prevent a major build up of dust and debris and will allow less chance for it to travel throughout the house.
  • Change your air filters weekly, at the very least biweekly. This will help prevent the dust particles from getting into our AC ducts.
  • After the construction is completed, do a very thorough deep cleaning of the area affected and all areas in close proximity.
  • For the  week following the deep cleaning, sweep, mop and dust daily.  And then for the  next 3 weeks following that, be sure to continue to sweep, mop and dust at least 3-4 times per week.
I know that sounds like a lot of cleaning but the dust tends to accumulate and settle so quickly and you want to be sure you catch it before it settles into your coveted belongings.

Here is what you will need for a post-model cleaning job:

  • mop & mop bucket
  • broom & dustpan
  • 30-foot extension ladder
  • 6 to 8-foot step ladder
  • Shop-Vac
  • regular vacuum cleaner (upright or canister) with long hose attachment for stairs
  • window cleaning tools
  • tool belt for window tools
  • plastic putty knife scrapers
  • cotton rags
  • rubber gloves
  • big soft-bristle scrub brush for showers and tubs
  • quality spray bottle (again, buy the best)
  • gallon of non-toxic cleaning solution
  • assorted cleaners for label removal, etc.
  • plastic buckets

Are you currently looking for a professional team to take care of your post-remodel cleaning needs?  Only a company experienced in post-remodel cleanup should be used. Austin Professional Cleaning Services does tons of experience in these types of one-time jobs. Let us service your post-remodel job today so you can live in your home again!

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