3 Reasons to Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Services
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3 Reasons to Use Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

February 27th, 2013   •   No Comments   

How many times a year do you use professional carpet cleaning services? All carpets collect inside of it dust, dirt, stains, mites, hairs, and odors.  You should vacuum it at least every other day or twice a week depending on how many people walk on it, but vacuuming it is not enough. You should get a professional carpet cleaning services and clean the carpet at least once a year or every six months. Austin Professional Cleaning Services has provided you 3 reasons to use professional carpet cleaning services.

1. Dust mite infestations

Many carpets have dust mite infestations that people are not aware. Dust mites leave feces and body fragments which can cause allergies. Professional carpet cleaners use steam with high temperatures that kill the dust mites. This will help keep everyone at home or at your office healthier.

2. Pollutants found on carpets

Having dirty carpets just helps hold pollutants that come from pets, cockroaches, dirt, and dust. Many things can get trapped in your carpet that you are not able to see and turn into toxic gases. These toxic gases can be released into the air when the carpet is vacuumed or even by walking on it. Professional carpet cleaners are able to kill all the bacteria with special formulas.

3. Mold Growth

Have you ever entered into a home or an office and noticed a moldy smell? Mold can grow on carpets especially if they are dirty and in areas where humidity levels are high. Professional carpet cleaners fight mold growth with high-power drying machines that can eliminate the moisture.

Finding a good and professional carpet cleaner can be hard. If it is time to clean your carpet, Austin Professional Cleaning Services would like to serve you.

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