Cleaning the Dust at your Office
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Cleaning the Dust at your Office

February 15th, 2013   •   No Comments   

What is “dust”? Dust is really a generic name for any type of small particle. Dust comes from daily objects in the environment, and from the people that works in it. For cleaning the dust at your office, whether you’re a janitorial franchisee or a small business cleaning company, be sure to consider the following points where dust accumulates the most:

  • Dust in Floors: Vacuum cleaners are suitable for removing light dust and dirt, and industrial models have special fitting for cleaning walls, ceilings, ledges, and other hard to reach places where dust and dirt may accumulate.
  • Cleaning with Micro-Fiber Rags: Micro-Fiber Rags are great for dusting. Other rags will clean the top of your table but part of that dust falls on the floor. When using a micro-fiber rag, all of the dust on the table is captured on the rag.  Dust collects the most on: Shelves, Light Fixtures, Windows-Sills and Blinds, Top of Bathroom-dividers, and Top of Lockers.
  • Dusting Air vents: In some jobs, enclosures and exhausted ventilation systems may fail to collect dust, and dirt adequately. Cleaning Air Vents is a very important part of keeping a cleaner and healthier work place. Dirty vents and filters prevent cleaner air from circulating.  Ask your commercial cleaning company if this is part of their weekly cleaning routine.

Austin Professional Cleaning Services (APCS) understands the importance of doing a thorough job in removing dust from the commercial spaces we clean throughout the Austin-Metro Area.

(APCS) as a successful commercial cleaning company specializes in:

  • Facility Management
  • Janitorial Services
  • Green Cleaning
  • Floor Cleaning
  • Floor Care
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Post Construction Clean Up
  • Waste Management
  • HVAC

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