Save Time and Money with a Professional Cleaning Company
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Save Time and Money with a Professional Cleaning Company

February 12th, 2013   •   1 Comment   

Finding the right cleaning company can help businesses save time and money. Keeping your office clean is very important for many reasons. If the office is dirty it can make employees ill. A dirty office can also deteriorate your carpet or vct flooring.  Most important of all, a dirty office can have an impact on the image of your company. If you find a professional cleaning company that does the job right from the beginning, it can save company time and money.

Save Time with a Professional Cleaning Company:

  • Your staff does not have to clean the office while on the clock.
  • If it’s an excellent cleaning company you will keep the same cleaning services for many years without turnover and re-training.
  • Cleaning companies offer services after business hours. Cleaning after hours helps your business by not interrupting with loud vacuuming sounds while taking an important phone call.
  • Free training on cleaning: A cleaning company will make sure their staff is trained to do a professional job when cleaning your facility.
  • A Clean and disinfected facility means your employees will not get sick as often. Example: Daily sanitizing and disinfecting door-knobs, telephone sets, and restrooms.
  • A clean building with clean floors will help the carpet or vct flooring last 3-5 years longer. Not having to replace the carpet avoids the down-time it takes to replace the carpet!

Save Money with a Professional Cleaning Company:

  • Hiring a cleaning company will lower your Insurance Costs in Liability and Worker’s Compensation Coverage. Cleaning companies provide this with the janitorial services.
  • No turnover: If an employee quits in your company you spend money and time training the new hire. With a cleaning company, if turnover takes place, they hire and re-train at no additional cost.
  • Outsourcing to a janitorial company saves money on paid vacation. Your direct employees have vacation paid time-off. Who will clean the building when your employee is out on vacation? A commercial cleaning company will bring in a substitute crew in the event the primary one needs a day off..
  • Save money by hiring a cleaning company that provides the cleaning equipment like vacuums, mop buckets, etc.
  • A clean facility will help the carpet last up to 2-3 years without having to be replaced.

Austin Professional Cleaning Services  offer companies the quality services they are looking for. We train our employees to be:

  • Detailed Oriented
  • Trustworthy
  • On Time
  • Respectful
  • Professional

Austin Professional Cleaning Services also offers great customer service for our clients. If you are looking for a Professional Commercial Cleaning Company give us a call at 512-269-5389.

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  1. Grant Willis says:

    Vinyl composition tile (VCT) often found in the corridors of offices, schools and hospitals, can be kept shiny day in and day out by utilizing a professional floor cleaning company . Trying to clean VCT without knowing the proper processes and or using the wrong chemicals or cleaning processes can turn VCT floor coverings into a dull and grimy looking surface.

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