Tips on Offering Exceptional Customer Service
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Tips on Offering Exceptional Customer Service

February 20th, 2013   •   No Comments   

Customer service has become an important contributor to the success of a business. Austin Professional Cleaning Services (APCS) pays much attention to be able to offer our customers the service they are looking for. The following provides you with great tips on offering exceptional customer service.

Be friendly to your customers:

Customers look at many different factors when deciding on a company they want to work with. One of the most important things that persuade them in making the final decision is how the company treats them. Customers are looking for companies that have polite, respectful, and friendly employees.  Customers are looking for a job well done and a positive experience with the companies they are working with. Being friendly can easily give companies a competitive advantage.

Having a professional image:

The company image is very important. Companies have to work on creating a professional image. The employees need to dress appropriate, have clean uniforms or clothing, be polite, be efficient, and deal with customers with respect. Having a professional image can impact your company in a positive way.

Be a trustworthy company:

Your company has to be dependable for whenever your customer needs your service. Always open and close the office at the stated times. You also have to be on time for every appointment you have with your customers. If you customers cannot trust your company they can decide on using the service offered by your competition.

Offer guaranteed services:

Offer your customers a guaranteed service. Let them know that if they are not happy with the service provided that they can get their money back or that any mistake made will be fixed at no extra cost. You need to show your customers you are confident that the job you offer will be well done.

Have competitive prices:

Research the prices of your competition. You should match the price or offer better prices. Remember it is important to offer low prices in which you are still profitable if you are a new company. As soon as you build a better reputation you can increase your prices.

Follow-up with your customers:

Following up with your customers is extremely important. Companies need to show how much they appreciate their customers. It is important to contact them after the service had been provided to make sure they were satisfied with the job done. Follow-up with your customers on a monthly basis and ask if your services are needed. Staying in contact with your customers shows them how much you appreciate doing business with them and it is most likely they will keep you in mind for future jobs needed.

It is important for the company to be well trained on how to handle customer service. Friendly, respectful, polite employees contribute greatly to the company’s image. If customers feel the company is lacking anything mentioned above they can easily find another company that offers better services to them. Follow these tips and do what you need to do to keep your customers happy. If your customers are happy your company will be greatly impacted.

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