Carpet Cleaning Tips for Offices
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Carpet Cleaning Tips for Offices

March 12th, 2013   •   No Comments   

Cleaning the carpet of your office is very important for many reasons. Companies need to make sure that the carpets get properly cleaned at least once a year.  Other businesses like daycares need their carpets to be cleaned at least once a month. Austin Professional Cleaning Services has compiled a list of reasons how a clean carpet helps you save money and carpet cleaning tips for your offices.

3 reasons how having a clean carpet and work environment will save your entity money:

  1. Improvesthe productivity of the company since it reduces the number of employees being out sick due to allergies.
  2. A clean carpet will give your clients an image that your business is professional and well managed.
  3. Keeping your carpet clean will make it last up to 5 years longer before you need to replace it.


4 Carpet Cleaning Tips for Offices so the job looks professional:

  1. Pre-spray the stains in the carpet and let it sit for 5 minutes. You can also pre-spray areas with the most traffic/more soiled. This step helps loosen and/or remove the stains when you shampoo the carpet. If you skip this step, the hot water extraction will take longer.
  2. Once pre-treated for stains, start the Hot Water Extraction process. You can use a light cleaner in the solution or, you can keep it green and only use hot water.
  3. The last and most important step is how to ensure your carpet dries thoroughly. Make sure you’re a/c unit is set to cold at 70 degrees or less. Turn on the ceiling fans if available. Make sure the carpet cleaning crew brings in 2-3 portable blowers. These are okay to be left on overnight.
  4. Make sure the carpet cleaning company you hire is Fully Insured in the even the carpet is discolored or the building is flooded. There is a 1% probability this may happen but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Companies need to make sure to clean their carpets regularly. Think of carpets like air filters. They trap all the dirt, dust-mites, allergens, bacteria, and other contaminants. Keeping your carpet in the office clean keep employees healthy, expands the life of your carpet, and will help you save money in the long run!

If you haven’t gotten your carpets cleaned or do not do it regularly, call Austin Professional Cleaning Services. We would love to provide you with our Carpet Maintenance Services and help you take care of your facilities!

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