Cleaning Bars, Restaurant, Kitchens and Nightclubs
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Cleaning Bars, Restaurant, Kitchens and Nightclubs

March 7th, 2013   •   No Comments   

Austin is full of all types of restaurant, fun bars and nightclubs. In some nights the party gets a little bit crazy. With high traffic and dancing around, facilities can end up really filthy and in desperate need of a professional cleaning.  Austin Professional Cleaning Services has some tips on cleaning bars, restaurant, kitchens and nightclubs to keep your customers happy.

Cleaning spilled Alcohol

Alcohol will definitely be spilled all over the floor, bar tops, tables, and even chairs. The problem with spilled alcohol is that it becomes really sticky. The best product you can use to clean your floors is a Carpet Extractor or a Floor Scrubber. Both of these machines will remove stains and odor while cleaning your floors.

Bar Tops, Tables, and Chairs

Make sure to clean all bar tops, table and chairs with a clean cloth and sanitizing solution. If they are made of wood, clean them with a proper wood cleaner. If they are made out of out of brass, stainless steel etc. clean them with a metal cleaner.  It is important to clean these areas to prevent Fruit Flies from taking over your establishment.

Cleaning Glassware

All the broken glasses should be thrown out. The rest should be washed in hot water and a strong cleaner. They should also be air dry. Consider also washing them in a dishwasher with a streak-free detergent.


The bar’s wells should be cleaned and sanitized at the end of every night. All the bottles should be wiped, cleaned, and replaced if necessary. It is also recommended to cover the bottles with plastic at the end of every night to prevent Fruit Flies which are known to love syrup and sugary drinks.


Bathrooms are probably the dirtiest place in the bars and nightclubs. They are usually the ones that should be cleaned and disinfected the most. It is recommended for the bathrooms to be cleaned between 3-5 times during the night. At the end of the night make sure to really disinfect the whole bathroom especially the floors and the toilets. Products that are recommended to clean the bathrooms are Clorox and an All-Purpose Cleaner. Consider using a cleaner with an aromatic scent like Fabuloso or Pine Sol.  A customer ALWAYS notices if a bathroom is clean and smells clean.

Do not forget that if you are looking for a reliable cleaning company to help you clean your facilities after-hours, Austin Professional Cleaning Services can help!

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