Cleaning Commercial Buildings
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Cleaning Commercial Buildings

April 19th, 2013   •   No Comments   

A clean office provides a comfortable working environment and gives good impressions to customers. There are many areas of your office space that need to be cleaned on a daily basis. The best way to clean an office building is to identify what items need to be cleaned daily and what items can be done less frequently. The more frequent you clean your office, the easier the job will be.  This is why when you ask for cleaning quotes, the bid for daily cleaning is more affordable per service than if you clean once a week. Austin Professional Cleaning Services(APCS) offers commercial janitorial services to  Austin Metro Area.  At APCS we specialize in cleaning commercial buildings as well as providing maintenance services like: Carpet Cleaning, Floor Care, Window Cleaning, High Ceiling Dusting, etc. A good commercial cleaning company is able to offer whole building maintenance services to its clients as a “One Stop Shop”.

Carpets Cleaning

The carpets in an office building should be cleaned with an industrial strength over the shoulder vacuum instead of an upright vacuum. The carpets used in office buildings are made of a durable material that holds/hides dirt pretty good, but requires a stronger suction power when being vacuumed. A residential upright vacuum will not be able to clean your carpets as well as an industrial strength vacuum. The carpets should also be steam-cleaned or shampooed at least twice a year. Cleaning a carpet by Wet Carpet Extraction removes dirt, bacteria and stains providing a healthier and cleaner environment for your employees and clients.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows give the illusion that the entire office is well kept. The best way to clean your windows is with industrial strength glass cleaner and commercial grade squeegees. Fist level windows are easier to clean than 2nd story windows. Windows in which you do not need a ladder to clean should be cleaned regularly by your cleaning company. The windows in a high-rise building are a little more complicated and should be serviced every 6 months.Contract a cleaning company that has a lot of experience in window cleaning.

Office Desks

Most offices are filled with important documents which employees do not want you to move. The cleaning crew should only wipe areas that are clear and that do not have documents. Be extremely careful with office desks since you do not want to throw out or damage anything important. Perhaps coordinate with the building manager once a week to send out a memo to the staff letting them know that the cleaning crew will be cleaning the desks on Fridays.  This memo tends to be very helpful and your staff will make an effort to clear their desks to get a better cleaning.  Computers, printers and other equipmentshould be dusted or wiped down. For a budget-friendly quote, these items can be cleaned once a week vs. daily.

Trash Removal

All of the trashcans should have a garbage bag to prevent the trashcans from getting dirty. The cleaning crew should empty all the trashcans from every office desk and cubicles on a daily basis. The cleaning company needs to make sure to know where to dump the trash and the recycle to properly dispose of it.

Disinfecting Restrooms

Restrooms should be cleaned with heavy duty detergents to disinfect the sinks, doorknobs sinks and toilets on a daily basis. The floors and mirrors should also be cleaned and disinfected regularly. Walls and baseboards are usually forgotten but it is also important to service these as well.  It is very important for bathrooms to be kept clean.  Clean bathrooms keep employees happy!

Break room Cleaning / Kitchen Cleaning

Some offices have small kitchens for their employees. The kitchens should be cleaned on a daily basis to prevent attraction of fruit flies, ants and other insects. The counters, sinks, floors, and eating areas should be wiped and cleaned every day. The dishes should also be washed every day. The refrigerators should be cleanedonce a month and expired food should be thrown out weekly.

Ps: Remember to turn off the coffee pot!


Other Items to Clean

Do not forget to clean the hallways, walls, doors, and especially the door-handles. This helps prevent the spread of the flu or other diseases. Make sure you get a quote to pick up large debris from your parking lot as well to give your company a presentable and professional image.

The best tip to keep an office building clean is to clean it as frequent as your budget allow. If you are on a tight budget, customize your cleaning schedule so that those items that need attention daily are serviced more frequently than others that don’t.  Do not let dust, dirt and stains accumulate. Stay on top of the cleaning! If you need any help with your office cleaning in Austin TX, feel free to call Austin Professional Cleaning Services. We are fully insured & bonded and offer services during business hours as well as after-hours!

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