Cleaning Company that is Professional and Efficient
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Cleaning Company that is Professional and Efficient

April 22nd, 2013   •   No Comments   

Hiring the right cleaning company can be hard. Check out the following post that can help you decide on the right cleaning company that is professional and efficient!

There are many commercial cleaning companies out there that would love to have your business.  The key is hiring the right cleaning company that is professional and efficient!  Austin, TX has a lot of good, local cleaning companies to choose from. We recommend hiring medium-sized local companies vs. a “bigger” National Company.

Here are a few questions you should ask that will help you screen out the not so good, not efficient, not reliable cleaning companies:

     1. What Vacuum do you use for carpet cleaning? If you have at least 2,000 Sq.Ft. of carpet in your office, the best and most efficient way to vacuum it is to use a back-pack vacuum and not an upright vacuum. An upright vacuum is good for vacuuming smaller spaces, since it harder to maneuver. Using an upright vacuum can also not allow you to get under those hard to reach areas.  Even though a Back-Pack Vacuum is an item that is a bit more expensive to purchase, it saves cleaners time and its easier on your rug since it does not have rollers that scrub your vacuum.  A Back-Pack Vacuum, hence its name, you carry it on your back and it frees both of your hands. With one had you operated the “wand” and the other hand you can move items to clear the way when vacuuming.

     2. What equipment do you use for Sweeping? The same rule of thumb as vacuuming applies to floor cleaning. If you have at least 2,000 Sq. Ft. of hard floors, make sure the cleaners have a Dust-Mop and not a residential broom.  Using a dust-mop cuts the sweeping time in half! By hiring a cleaning company that is efficient when cleaning, you can benefit from a lower monthly cost or, having a cleaner office space.

      3. What do you use for Dusting? There are a lot of dusters out there and a lot of different types of cleaning rags. The best material out there is Micro-Fiber. Microfiber dusters and rags catch and contain the dust vs. other types of cleaning fabrics that push it around, drop it to the floor and leave lint behind. A white cotton rag might clean your desk thoroughly, but it will take the housekeeper longer to accomplish the same results as using a microfiber rag. Using a white-cotton rag will also leave lint behind, which will make your desk look like it still has dust.

      4. What type of mop will they use for Mopping? PLEASE do not let your cleaning crew use 100% cotton mops. They are cheaper to purchase but two big CONS: 1) If they do not air-dry properly, they will smell bad. 2) Cotton mop-heads also leave lint behind. Make sure the commercial janitorial cleaning company uses Rayon-Blend mop heads. It is a blend of cotton and rayon. This allows the mop-head to dry faster and avoid bad odors.

 A good & efficient janitorial company will make sure they have the right tools to do a good job. Austin Professional Cleaning Services (APCS) has trained all of its crew members to choose the right equipment depending on the size and specs of the job. APCS is a medium-sized commercial cleaning company that is locally owned and operated. We offer free online janitorial proposals at:

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