Five Different Methods Janitorial Cleaning Companies Clean Carpets
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Five Different Methods Janitorial Cleaning Companies Clean Carpets

April 8th, 2013   •   No Comments   

Cleaning your carpets is very important due to the fact that they accumulate dirt, dust mites, produce odor, and many other things that can cause health problems. Austin Professional Cleaning Services recommends that you should get a professional cleaning company to clean your carpets at least twice a year. There are five different methods janitorial cleaning companies clean carpets. The best method for you depends on the amount of traffic your carpets gets and the type of business you have.

Here is a list of five different methods for carpet cleaning.

1. Shampooing Carpet

This method uses a special detergent that helps brighten, clean and deodorize your carpet. The detergent is mixed and dissolved with hot water and applied to your carpet. Following the application an extractor will be used to wet vacuum the dirt and excess water off of your carpet. Depending on ventilation, your carpet will be completely dry within 6-8 hours. You can help the drying process by making sure the a/c is on 70 degrees and turn on any ceiling fans.

2. Dry Cleaning the Carpet

This method is great for places where you cannot wait for the carpet to dry. The Dry Cleaning method uses a special cleaning powder that is spread all over the carpet. The powder absorbs all the dirt that is later picked up by a powerful vacuum. This method helps minimize the risk of mold and mildew buildup. The problem with this method is that the vacuum might not pick up all of the cleaning powder applied.  Not to worry, the small amount of powder residue remaining is not harmful. This method is not a good option if you carpet is attached or installed at your facility.

3. Foam Carpet Cleaning

Foam Carpet Cleaningis a special foam-detergent mixed with a small amount of water. The foam is spread throughout the carpet to absorb and pull all of the dirt. It is later vacuumed with a shop-vacuum to remove all the foam, dirt, and excess water. The benefit of cleaning your carpet using this method is that it is safe for your carpet since not much water is used. The drying time is much faster. The disadvantages are that not too many carpet-cleaning contractors offer this and it is more expensive than the other methods.

4. Bonnet Carpet Cleaning

This method can be done in two different ways. It can be used with wet or dry bonnet pads. The wet pads are soaked in the cleaning solution. This solution has already been dissolved with water at the suggested ratio per product depending on the type of cleaning chemical you are using.If using dry pads, the cleaning solution is sprayed/misted directly on to the carpet. Following the application of the cleaning solution, you use a low-speed scrubber to spin the bonnet on top of the carpet. This spinning motion scrubs the carpet. Similar to when you have a small spill and you get down on your knees with a wet rag…. but 100 times faster! The advantages of using this method is that it scrubs the top surface of the carpet very well and uses very little amounts of water so its dries faster.  The one disadvantage is that too much scrubbing can make your carpet look worn.

5. Hot Water Carpet Extraction/ Steam Cleaning

This method uses high-pressured hot water with no chemical to remove all the dirt and stains in your carpet. The vacuum picks up all the dirt and the hot water.  The carpet is cleaned with a grooming brush and it is also rinsed with commercial grade cleaning equipment. The drying time is between 6-8 hours depending on the humidity level and temperature inside the building. This method is the most common and it is known to be the safest method for cleaning carpets. The hot water helps remove odors, stain, and leaves less residue when compared to the other methods. The disadvantage of this method is that even if it’s the best method, it is the hardest one to use and we do not recommend you do it yourself. There are places that rent machines but they are not as powerful and the ones used by professionals.

Deciding on which method to use can be complicated. It might be easier to ask a professional to visit your facilities and give you a free estimate.   If you are in Austin or within a 30-mile radius, you can call Austin Professional Cleaning Services ( for free estimates and advice.

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