Movie Theater cleaning in Austin TX
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Movie Theater Cleaning in Austin TX

April 24th, 2013   •   No Comments   

Keeping your movie theaters clean is very important and it should be done on a daily basis. Movie theaters are usually serviced every time between shows by the on-site cleaning staff.  This service is just a quick touch-up. The facility needs a proper deep cleaning every night, after hours, once all the shows have ended. If movie theaters are not properly cleaned, the restrooms will start smelling bad, the carpet in the rooms will get stains, debris and odor, etc.  People go to the movies for the experience that Netflix does not provide at the house. Give your customers a good, clean experience! Here are some tips and things a commercial janitorial cleaning company should focus when dealing with Movie Theater cleaning in Austin TX…

Cleaning Your Main Lobby and Bars

The lobby is the first thing customers see when entering a movie theater. It is very important to clean the following areas:

–          Carpet: The carpets should be vacuumed daily and shampooed/extracted every 3 months. Your carpet gets a lot of spills from food and drinks on a daily basis. The carpet on the lobby should always look cleaned and without any stains.

–          Counters and Floors in Bars: These areas need to be deep cleaned daily or… Be ready to start swapping an unlimited amount of fruit flies and spending money on air fresheners.

–          Concession Stands: The concession stands should always look organized as well as clean. Remember, it is all about the shopping experience.


Bathrooms are one of the most important areas to clean. A dirty bathroom will make your customers feel the entire place is dirty. Studies show that a consumer will purchase less food or will not be a return-customer is the restrooms where dirty. Do not make the big mistake of having your waiting staff or hostess clean the restrooms. This is not their focus; hence the job will not be done with the same professionalism as a cleaning company.

–          Toilets: Make sure to clean them with strong disinfecting products.

–          Floors, walls and doors: All the floors especially around the toilet should be disinfected daily. Do not forget to clean the walls. These usually get spilled near the urinals.

Movie Theater Room

Keeping the movie theater rooms clean are the hardest yet the most important item on the list. They should be cleaned after every show and then deeply cleaned at the end of each night. It is important to clean the following:

–          Floors and carpets: They should be cleaned because you do not want your customers to feel the floors sticky due to the spills, gum people throw on the floors, and trash left behind.

–          Seats: Seats should be cleaned. Many people spill their drinks. You need to make sure they are serviced for the next show. At the end of the night make sure to clean all seats and that there is no gum on them. Also make sure the cup holders are emptied out and wiped clean.

–          Stairs: Stair and the handles should also be wiped-cleaned and disinfected.

Other things to be cleaned

–          Windows: Janitorial companies offer window cleaning services. Make sure the windows are cleaned.

–          Kitchen: Most movie theaters offer food now. Make sure the kitchen is deep cleaned at least once a month by a professional cleaner and not the in-house cooks. This will also help boost moral with your kitchen staff!

–          Movie theater offices: It is important to keep movie theaters cleaned for the health of your customers, but also for the employees. These usually have windows, and counter space that needs to be touched-up daily.

It is very important to keep your movie theaters clean and presentable at all times. Keeping them clean will also help you not lose your current customers but it will also attract new ones that left from a dirty Movie Theater.  If you are looking for a commercial cleaning company that can help you with Movie Theater cleaning in Austin TX, feel free to call Austin Professional Cleaning Services (APCS). We provide our cleaning services during business hours as well as after hours, depending on the client’s preference. APCS offers all the services mentioned above.

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