Three Different Types of Janitorial Companies in Austin, TX
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Three Different Types of Janitorial Companies in Austin, TX

April 2nd, 2013   •   No Comments   

There are three different types of janitorial companies in Austin, TX. If you are planning to sign a contract with a cleaning company you should take a minute and look at these three different types of cleaning companies: “Mom & Pop” -Small Cleaning Companies, Medium size Cleaning Companies, and National – Large Cleaning Companies.

1) Small Cleaning Companies:
Small Cleaning Companies are better known as (mom and pop companies). These types of Cleaning Companies focus usually on the lowest rates due to their low overhead. Usually, the owner of the company takes care of the cleaning himself/herself. Some of the disadvantages of hiring a Mom and Pop Janitorial Company may be that they are not email savvy and most of them do not have a professional look. Small janitorial companies my not have enough liability coverage or any at all.

2) Medium Size Cleaning Companies:
A Medium size cleaning Company is the best option when it comes to hiring a Cleaning Company because they still have competitive rates. Their rates may not be as low and the small cleaning companies, but the level of customer service is better. Medium sized companies are currently growing at a higher success rate than the small or larger companies. The biggest issue of these types companies may have is when they go through growing pains. Growing pains may mean that your phone call was not returned within minutes but a few hours later.

3) Larger Cleaning Companies:
Issues on hiring Large Cleaning Companies are that they have the higher rates on the market due to bigger overhead like leasing office space, supervisor’s pay, sales team, telemarketers, etc. The good points in hiring Large Cleaning Companies are that they have a formal system of communication meaning that they have a professional image when visiting and talking to the clients. Their mission and their employee’s roles are well defined and most important, they have enough employees to provide great customer service.

At Austin Professional Cleaning Services we know that finding the perfect cleaning company for your needs may be a bit challenging. Just keep in mind what is what you are looking for; if price is the determining factor we suggest you hire a small cleaning company. If flexibility, customer service and security are more important to you, we suggest you hire a Medium size Cleaning Company. And when it comes too hiring a Large Cleaning Company we hardly suggest it unless your cleaning account is at least $12,000.00+ in cleaning services/month.

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