How to Clean Different Types of Gym Floors
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How to Clean Different Types of Gym Floors

May 22nd, 2013   •   No Comments   

If you work at a school or at a fun, High-Tech Company in Austin, chances are you have a gym on site! It is very important that you know how to clean different types of gym floors. Before you start mopping it with a cleaning solution from Sams, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1)      What equipment to use to be efficient.

2)      What chemical to use to avoid damaging the surface (warping or mildew).

3)      How often the floors should be cleaned?


Cleaning Wood Floor-Gyms

To clean the hardwood floor you have to be very careful in not using too much water or you will warp it. Make sure the cleaning product you use indicates it is safe to use on hardwood-floors. The expense to replace a gym floors is way more than a few dollars you will be saving by purchasing a cheaper cleaning solution. To clean your gym floors, apply lightly on to a microfiber dust mop the cleaning chemical. Once the chemical has been applied, quickly sweep the floors. You will need to apply more chemical once you feel the first application has been used up.

Cleaning Rubber Floor-Gyms

Rubber floors are very durable. To keep them clean you should vacuum them often. Depending on the usage, we recommend cleaning them at least once a week.  Be very careful in not putting anything on top of them that is rust-prone. Sometimes these types of rubber floors can get rust stains from the equipment (dumb-bells, polls, racks, etc.) . To remove those stains you should scrub the stains with a plastic brush and water. Do it gently in a back and front motion to avoid ruining the textured top surface. If the stains are not easy to remove, clean it with a cleaner that is safe on rubber floors and that it will not discolor it.

CleaningVinyl Floor-Gyms

To maintain vinyl floors, you should use a microfiber dust mop to clean the floors daily. Any type of dirt left on the floors can scratch its surface. After removing the dust you should mop the floors as well with the same frequency.  Make sure you use a good neutral cleaner s it does not eat away the wax that protects your floors.

Cleaning Polished Concrete Floor-Gyms

The best way to clean polished concrete floors is by dry mopping it with a microfiber dust mop. After dry mopping it you can mop it with a cleaner. Make sure not to over wet it or to leave it wet for a long time. That can discolor it if it’s a stained concrete. You can use a cotton towel to dry it if necessary.

Cleaning Carpet Floor Gyms

Some gyms have carpet floors, especially at elementary schools. These floors should be vacuumed every day so that they do not accumulate dirt and dust. They should also be deeply cleaned once a month since they accumulate a lot of sweat and can cause orders and bacteria. We recommend using a dry method of carpet cleaning called “bonnet carpet cleaning”, or cleaning it with hot-water extraction.

Choosing the Right Frequency to clean the floors is very important. You may not need to pay a cleaning company to come clean your gym floors on a daily basis. Cleaning them “every-other day” will save you money.  Carpet Extraction will ruin your carpet if it is done more often than once a month. Mopping the Rubber Gym floors daily will keep the bottom of the floors wet which may result in unwanted odors or mold.

If you are looking for an experienced janitorial cleaning company in Austin TX to clean your gym floors feel free to contact us. Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers 24 hour on-call service. Our specialized and trained crews carry the right equipment to do a great job! We are also fully insured in liability with coverage up to 2 million dollars.  Call us today to receive a FREE CLEANING QUOTE.

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