Daily Cleaning-Checklist
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Daily Cleaning-Checklist

June 24th, 2013   •   No Comments   

The best cleaning tip Austin Professional Cleaning Services can give you is that you should clean a little every day.  If you cannot clean one thing each day, then you must clean a few on a weekly basis.  Letting dirt accumulate will only make it harder to remove it when cleaning. Having a cleaning checklist can help you tremendously to finish cleaning faster. Check out our following daily cleaning-checklist and also some green-cleaning tips!


  • Clean the sink

If you wash your face in the morning and use a wipe to dry it, use that same wipe to clean the sink and the faucet handles. Once done, place the towel in the dirty laundry basket. Disposable Wipes are great since they do not leave streaks and can also be used on chrome and mirrors.

  • Clean the mirror

You can use the same wipe or washcloth to clean your mirror. You do not have to clean the entire mirror daily, just the area near the faucet where you tend to splash.

  • Clean the toilet

Use the same disposable wipe to clean the seat and the rim of the toilet. Just make sure you clean the toilet last. Scrub the toilet bowl, especially if you see a ring. You can spray some Clorox to disinfect.

  • Shower glass door

With a squeegee or a dry towel wipe the glass door to prevent spotting that is caused by water.

  • Clean shower and curtain liners

Spray a shower mist every day to prevent mildew. It is important to spray the curtain liner since most people forget and that can prevent it from turning pink due to the mildew and soap scum.


  • Bed

Make sure to make your bed when you wake up. It doesn’t have to be perfect, at least just stretched out. It can make a difference in making your room look more organized.

  • Put all cloth away

Make sure everything is put away in place. The best tip is not to pile cloth. Put it away as soon as you take them off.

  • Put everything away

Make sure everything else is in place, like books or things on your night table.

  • Wipe furniture

When everything is in place, quickly wipe your night table and other furniture.


  • Clean the sink

Do not pile up your dirty dishes. Wash them or put them in the dishwasher. Make sure to clean your sink when you are done. This task must be done daily.

  • Counter tops and stove

Use washcloth or a sponge with an all-purpose cleanser to clean your counter tops and stove.

  • Clean floors

Use a cloth to clean spills and spots during the week. During the weekend you can fully mop it.

Living Room

  • Sofa

Make sure your sofa is fluffed and throw is folded.

  • Vacuum

Quickly vacuum the living room area especially the rugs.

  • Coffee table

Wipe your coffee table with a microfiber cloth or a wet cloth if there are some spills.

  • Put everything away or in place

Make sure any books or magazines are put away or straighten them in place. Put away any other toys or games to prevent clutter.

Download our cleaning checklist to help you keep your place clean and organized. The fewer things you have the easier it will be to keep things clean. If you do have many things, make sure there is a place for everything. You can clean your house or office in less than 30 minutes every day versus spending a whole Saturday cleaning. Austin Professional Cleaning Services is always trying to find great cleaning tips to help people keep their houses and offices clean. Call us today to receive a FREE CLEANING QUOTE.

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