Janitorial Cleaning Companies Using Environmentally-Safe Products
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Janitorial Cleaning Companies Using Environmentally-Safe Products

June 20th, 2013   •   No Comments   

If you’ve taken an interest in becoming environmentally-conscious , you’ve probably already checked the easy items off your list—paper towels, gone; Styrofoam cups, a thing of the past; toilet paper, yeah you probably still have some of that. You may have even bought a car with a smaller gas tank and changed your lifestyle a bit, but where do you start when it comes to cleaning products? Are some “greener” than others? What’s the benefit of  janitorial cleaning companies using environmentally-safe products anyway? We’ve got the answers you’re looking for:


One of the most popular and most environmentally-friendly ways to clean green is to make your own cleaning solutions using ingredients that are probably already in your kitchen. The three greenest and most common cleaning products out there are vinegar, baking soda, and lemons. If you have these three things at your disposal, you can clean virtually anything—without the need for expensive or potentially harmful cleaning solutions. In addition, cornstarch can be used to polish furniture, and you can purchase unscented soap in powder form to add to your cleaning solutions. Want to stir things up a bit with some natural aromas? Try adding a few drops of essential oil. Some Janitorial Cleaning Companies in Austin offer these products/services.

Buy Green

The environmentally-friendly products on the shelves today cost a bit more than traditional cleaning supplies, but some say they are more than worth the extra cash. Here’s the nitty-gritty:

  • Method

Method touts themselves as the first cleaning company to truly be “against dirty.” What do they mean? The founders of Method perceive the ingredients of some of today’s common cleaning solutions to be just as dirty and harmful as the germs and grime they’re supposedly “cleaning.” Using naturally-derived ingredients, earthly fragrances, and environmentally sustainable containers, this company has the cleaning method down pat.

  • Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation’s philosophy is that all things are interconnected and by being friendly to the Earth, we are in turn being friendly to ourselves. They are committed to not only producing safe and environmentally-conscious cleaning products, but inspiring global change as well. That’s a tall order for a cleaning company, but they’re convinced they have the right solution.

  • Green Works

Made by Clorox, maker of the most widely known abrasive cleaner there is, Green Works is attempting to make its mark in the world of eco-friendly cleaning products by wearing a National Products Association (NPA) seal of approval—just in case anyone suspected that a little bleach may have dripped into their line of green cleaning products. Not only has the brand proven its purity, it’s one of the least expensive environmentally friendly product lines available.


When choosing an environmentally-conscious cleaning product, check the label to ensure that they do not contain phosphates, artificial scents, harmful chemicals such as chlorine, or heavy metals such as selenium or chromium. While these “green” cleaning products can set you back a bit more in the short-term, you’ll be protecting your family from harmful substances and saving the Earth at the same time. Who can argue with that?

Reap the Benefits

There are a myriad of advantages to using environmentally-friendly products besides the obvious benefit of being kind to the Earth. An environmentally-conscious cleaning approach is also a humanly-conscious cleaning approach—that is, what’s good for the Earth is good for you, and what’s bad for the Earth can be harmful to your family. The phosphates, artificial scents, and other chemicals can cause allergic reactions, headaches, rashes, nausea, you name it. Moreover, if you go the do-it-yourself route, you’re bound to save a ton of cash. The basic staples needed to make your own cleaners cost a fraction of the cost of the cleaners at the superstores, work just as well, and can be used to clean virtually anything.

If you anticipate Ajax or Windex withdrawals in your near future, fear not. It’s okay to start small and gradually wean yourself off of these potentially harmful cleaning solutions. Begin by replacing just one of your cleaning products with a do-it-yourself solution or one of the many environmentally-friendly products available at your local retailer. See how you like it, and then start replacing your remaining cleaners one by one. Then, take a deep breath, and rest assured that what you are inhaling is truly clean.

At Austin Professional Cleaning Services we understand the importance of using Environmentally-Safe Cleaning Products as the owner of a successful commercial cleaning company specializing in Green Cleaning.

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