Floor Care: Buffing, Stripping & Waxing, Hard-Scrub Tips
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Floor Care: Buffing, Stripping & Waxing, Hard-Scrub Tips

July 29th, 2013   •   No Comments   

There are many different types of floors that need different types of cleaning treatments. Before you start cleaning your floors, make sure you are using the proper products and equipment. You do not want to damage or stain permanently your floors. Check out the following guide for Floor Care: Buffing, Stripping & Waxing, Hard-Scrub Tips that can help you keep your floors looking new a shiny all year long.

VCT Floors

To keep VCT floors looking like new, you should strip &wax them twice a year. If your budget is tight this year, contract this service at least once a year. Cleaning them on a daily basis with warm water helps bring out the shine. You can also use a vct-floor cleanser that helps remove dirt. If it is no-wax tile, clean it with special no-wax floor cleaners. You can remove dirt build-up once a year.

Ceramic, Tile, Stone Floors

To clean all this types of floors you use a sponge mop and an all-purpose floor cleanser. You can wax a stone floor at least once a year if you like glossy floors. Do not use any products that have lemon-juice, vinegar or any other acids to clean your stone floors. If you have any spills you can use soaps like “Liquid Ivory” and warm water. You need to be careful with the products you use since they can damage your floors. Also, consider sealing your grout lines so they do not turn into a dark color. Grout is porous so sealing them prevents from dirt seeping in.

Wood Floors

Wood floors are usually re-finished. It is recommended that they are waxed at least once a year or every other a year to keep them looking elegant and presentable. It is also recommended that the floors are buffed once a year to keep them looking glossy. An important tip for wood floors that are waxed is that they should not be mopped. The mixture of water can damage (warp) the wood. If the wood floor is treated with polyurethane, it will be more resistant to water. To clean it you can combine one quart of water and dilute a ph-floor cleaner.

Remember to always treat your floors with delicacy. Never move heavy furniture without putting pads underneath and be careful with dirt on the floor that can scratch your floors. Also clean up spills as fast as you can to prevent stains. If you are looking for an experienced janitorial cleaning company in Austin TX for your Floor Care: Buffing, Stripping & Waxing, Hard-Scrub Tips feel free to contact us. Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers 24 hour on-call service. Our specialized and trained crews carry the right equipment to do a great job! We are also fully insured in liability with coverage up to 2 million dollars.  Call us today to receive a FREE CLEANING QUOTE.

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