Determining Cleaning Frequency in an Office Environment
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Determining Cleaning Frequency in an Office Environment

October 23rd, 2013   •   No Comments   

Keeping a clean office environment not only boosts morale, it is also a healthier environment in which to work. Regularly scheduled cleaning also helps maintain productivity, as a clean and organized office space is an efficient one. Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is vital to the health of the organization as a whole; follow these guidelines on determining cleaning frequency in an office environment

Size of Office Space

The first consideration is the physical size of the office. Larger offices need cleaning less often than smaller office spaces, though it seems the opposite would be true. Smaller spaces tend to get dirtier more quickly than larger, airier spaces. In a smaller office cleaning daily – including vacuuming, dusting and cleaning windows – will keep the space looking and functioning well.

Larger spaces can often get by with a twice per week cleaning schedule. Larger, more open spaces do not accumulate dust as quickly as smaller, more enclosed spaces do. Of course, even in a large office there are going to be times when additional cleaning will be required, but the twice per week model tends to work well in larger spaces.

Number of Employees

It goes without saying that the more employees working in a space, the quicker the space will become dirty. Offices with over twenty employees would benefit greatly from daily maintenance cleaning. Smaller office staffs – such as those with twenty or less – are more apt to be able to handle a twice per week cleaning schedule without there being a lull in the functionality of the office.

Daily Janitorial Maintenance

Of course, regardless of the basic cleaning schedule, there are jobs that should be done daily. Emptying of trashcans, cleaning bathrooms and break rooms and sweeping tile flooring are not only aesthetically necessary – they help to maintain a healthy and safe work environment. Bathrooms and break rooms should not only be cleaned daily, but cleaned with a good disinfectant cleaner to kill germs and bacteria that breed in these overused and very busy spaces. Emptying trashcans and sweeping up will prevent hazards from fire as well as slips and falls. And if employees discard food trash in their trashcans, daily emptying prevents bug infestations and bad odors from multiplying.

When considering a maintenance schedule in an office space, keeping the aforementioned tips in mind will allow the office to remain clean and safe for your employees. A clean, safe environment is a productive environment. What could be better for your bottom line?

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