Benefits of Establishing a Cleaning Routine
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Benefits of Establishing a Cleaning Routine

November 26th, 2013   •   1 Comment   

In a commercial setting, keeping a clean environment is not only conducive to more efficiency but is also a safer environment for employees to work. Employees are also more apt to be creative and calm in a clean atmosphere, free from chaos. The following explains all the benefits of establishing a cleaning routine in the workplace.


Dirt breeds germs. Germs breed illness. And illness breeds lost time and lost productivity. Many employers do not take the time to consider the health benefits of a cleaner office environment, yet wonder why their employees are constantly missing work. By instituting a regular cleaning schedule, you are providing a cleaner and healthier working environment, which will add up to less sick days and a more productive staff.


There have been instances when lack of cleanliness in break rooms caused outbreaks of food borne illnesses. Office workers sharing the same refrigerator and microwave were literally making each other sick. Sharing a bathroom that is unsanitary is another safety issue. And floors covered with dirt, dust and debris are tripping hazards, which could result in lost work time. Having a regular cleaning routine in place will prevent all of these from becoming issues that could cost you a lot of money in the long run, not only in lost productivity but in medical bill payments for the ill or injured employees.


It is hard to think when your surroundings are dirty or unkempt. Many people do not function well in chaotic environments. Keeping a clean office – which depends on establishing a regular cleaning routine – will cut down on the amount of time spent in disarray, making for a more productive atmosphere. And isn’t that what all offices should strive for?


Most office environments today are looking for employees who can think outside the box. Creativity flounders in messy environments. This causes employees to not work at their highest level and your bottom line will most likely take a big hit.

There are so many great reasons to establish a routine cleaning schedule in your office. The benefits are multitude while the drawbacks – well, there are no drawbacks. A cleaner office is a win-win for everyone, and well worth the time and effort it will take to implement.

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  1. Amanda says:

    Excellent tips.Creating a cleaning routine is really essential cause it saves you time and it is certainly better for your health and safety.

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