Mopping Floors for Janitorial Companies
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Mopping Floors for Janitorial Companies

November 12th, 2013   •   No Comments   

While it may seem an elementary task, many people are uncertain about mopping a variety of flooring. Different flooring requires different tools and techniques to get a clean, safe and streak-free surface. Bear in mind that the room you are mopping can make the job easier or more difficult. For example, a bathroom or break room floor will often need a deeper clean than a rarely used tile hallway, due to the different types of spills or debris that occur during regular use.

For any mopping job, there are some important tools of the trade. The following are the rudimentary tools needed for mopping floors for janitorial companies:

  • Broom and dustpan or vacuum cleaner
  • Mop – either string or sponge
  • Bucket
  • Cleaning solution formulated for specific type of flooring
  • Hot water

To begin, follow the directions on the bottle of cleaning solution. Many people believe that using more cleaner than required will result in a cleaner floor when in reality all that you will be left with is a sticky floor covered with cleanser residue. Before you begin you should sweep or vacuum the floor thoroughly. Pick up any large pieces of debris and throw them away, then continue to sweep the floor until it is clear of pieces of dust and debris.

Dip your mop into the hot, soapy water and wring out. When using a sponge mop move in a forward and backward motion. When using a rag mop use a figure eight movement to get the most bang out of your mop. Frequently re-wet the mop and wring out again. If the water gets dirty quickly, replace it with clean, fresh water so as not to redistribute dirt onto the floor. If you come upon a particularly dirty area, push down harder on the mop and scrub the spot until it is cleaner.

Marble or terrazzo tile require special cleaners so be sure to choose the proper type for this kind of flooring. Laminate wood flooring only requires a hot water damp mop to keep it looking good, but a monthly mopping with specially formulated cleaner for this type of flooring is a must. Many people are using electric steam mops these days, which clean with hot water and steam and a minimal amount of cleaner, but beware using these because they can cause tile floors to become gummy from the adhesive backing being pulled up due to overuse.

Mopping floors is not rocket science but it does require using the right equipment and the right techniques to keep your floors clean and beautiful. Just follow the instructions and watch those floors sparkle.

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