Great Cleaning Tips
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Great Cleaning Tips

December 17th, 2013   •   2 Comments   

The following are some great cleaning tips that can help you make it easier to keep your house or your office clean.

-How to pick up pet hair

Many people have this problem. The easiest way to pick pet hair is with a wet rubber dish-washing glove. Put it on and wipe over the surface you want to clean. The glove works like a magnet and all the hair will stick to it.

-Removing red wine

Use a little bit of shaving cream to help you remove the spills on your carpets. The faster you take care of the spill the easier it is to remove the stain. If you can not remove it, look for a professional carpet cleaning company to help you.

-If you have guests

If friends are coming over and you do not have much time to clean, make sure to clean the bathroom. You might not have time to clean the whole house, but you can clean your bathroom in five to ten minutes.

-Storing products

Bathrooms can get messy with all the beauty products people buy. The best way to store it is in a translucent shoe holder and hang it on the back of a door. It helps you save space, keep your bathroom organized and it makes it easier for you to see what products you have. You can also use a translucent shoe holder to store any other type of products around the house.

-Food odor

Your food containers might keep the smell of food even after you wash them. To remove the smells wash them with hot water and two tablespoons of baking soda.

-Removing the glue from a sticker

The best way to remove glue that was left from a sticker or price tag is with rubbing alcohol.

-Best way to keep your house clutter-free

Do not collect trash or other items that are not useful and necessary. Clutter only makes it harder to clean. The less you have the less you have to dust.

-Cleaning lamp shades

Cleaning your lamp shades with a vacuum can be hard and impossible. The best way to clean them is with a lint roller.

Best way to clean

Put on some good music. It will help you have a good time while you clean and it helps you concentrate and finish everything faster. Make a cleaning routine

-Best tip

If you do not want to clean, call a cleaning company. Have them come regularly.

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  1. Jonathan Smith says:

    Great tips indeed! Everyone wants to make their office or home clean because it can make an impression on those who visit them. Nowadays, it is always very hard for people to get time for cleaning job at their home so it is my personal opinion that they have to hire a company that can make their offices and homes clean in budget. There are many companies online, but it is very important to know about the safety standards of a company that are required for the cleaning area. Also, we can make our space clean and tidy by using cleaning tools and products. Know more about them at

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