Mat at Every Entrance
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Mat at Every Entrance

January 14th, 2014   •   No Comments   

While a professional cleaning company will help ensure your office stays clean and tidy there are things that you can do to help keep it clean between cleanings. Entrance mats play a big role in keeping floors cleaner. There should be an entry mat at every entrance into your building for maximum benefit. While entry mats will not prevent the need for a cleaning service, they do play a crucial role in keeping floors cleaner, as exemplified by the following:

Preventing the Spread of Contaminants

Studies have shown that 80% of all contaminants brought into buildings are coming in on the bottoms of shoes. It is unreasonable to expect your employees, clients or customers to remove their shoes at the front door; therefore an entry mat will remove some of those contaminants before they enter the main areas of the office.

Rain, Rain…Stick Around if You Want

When you use entry mats, rainy days aren’t a big concern. The puddles that gather on bare floors are avoided because the mats soak up the water before anyone can track it in to the main office area. So go ahead, enjoy dancing in the rain without worrying about messing up the floors.

Cut Down on Slips and Falls

Especially in rainy or snowy weather, coming in from outside onto a bare, slick tile floor can cause slips or falls when shoes are wet. Entry mats help dry shoes, making the floor safer to walk on in inclement weather.

Get Rid of Harmful Bacteria

Many entry mats are made out of antimicrobial materials. This means that they are actually actively killing germs carried on the soles of shoes. Not only are your floors cleaner, entry mats can keep your office space healthier as well.

Entry mats are a beautiful and decorative way to protect your floors and the safety of your employees, clients and customers. Not to mention keeping things cleaner in your office as well. So try some preventive measures; an entry mat at every entrance will help keep things clean.

Hiring a commercial cleaning company  will also help with the building maintenance  and will help keep your office clean. A commercial cleaning company will create a cleaning routine depending on what your needs are. If you are looking for an experienced janitorial cleaning company in Austin TX to help you keep your office clutter free, or that can help you clean other facilities like shopping malls, retail areas, clinics, schools, colleges and universities that offer the best customer services, feel free to contact us. Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers 24 hour on-call service. Our specialized and trained crews carry the right equipment to do a great job! We specialize in Janitorial Cleaning ServicesFloor Care: Stripping and Waxing, Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, and High Ceiling Dusting. We are also fully insured in liability with coverage up to 2 million dollars.  Call us today to receive a FREE CLEANING QUOTE.

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