Regular Deep Carpet Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpets
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Regular Deep Carpet Cleaning Extends the Life of Your Carpets

February 10th, 2014   •   No Comments   

When you are running a business you know how important appearances are to your clients and your employees. A successful business should look successful, and a clean and well-maintained office speaks volumes. Carpet is one of the biggest elements in an office, making its appearance extremely important for the overall look and feel of the space. A regular deep carpet cleaning extends the life of your carpets and improve the overall ambiance of the office.

While it is important to try to keep dirt at bay through the use of floor mats at all entryways and regular vacuuming and spot cleaning, a good deep cleaning is crucial to add life to your carpeting. A schedule – depending on traffic – of once a month to four times per year is typical in office environments. But what is the best method of carpet cleaning?

A truck mounted extraction method is one of the most effective means of carpet cleaning. Sometimes the chemical dry process is used, but for a real deep down clean using hot water and steam, nothing beats the truck mounted system. A truck mounted carpet cleaning routine is comprised of the following features:

  • Pre-soaking trouble spots, such as heavily trafficked areas or spills of coffee, tea, food or ground in dirt
  • Application of the pre-treatment solution using hydro force
  • High pressure, hot water jet spray that soaks into the carpet backing to clean the entire carpet fibers
  • Suction to remove water, cleaning solvent and the loosened dirt and debris
  • Rinsing with additional suction to remove any remaining cleaning solvents

Many companies try to cut costs by periodically renting a carpet cleaning machine from the grocery store or equipment rental company. These machines are not effective enough to be used in commercial spaces. They tend to have weaker suction and the solvents that come with the machine are not strong enough to do much more than push the dirt deeper into the carpet backing, making the stains look worse than before.

A good professional janitorial company will recommend a carpet maintenance schedule and will discuss this during your first meeting. The best results come from formulating a plan and then sticking with it religiously. Carpeting that is deep cleaned is fresher, prettier and will stay looking new for much longer. It is a big aesthetic investment in your office space; protect that investment with regular deep carpet cleaning.

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