Why the lowest janitorial service bidder is not usually the best?
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Why the Lowest Janitorial Service Bidder is not Usually the Best?

February 20th, 2014   •   No Comments   

When starting a business or opening a facility in another town, finding a good janitorial company to handle your cleaning needs can be complicated. Often you receive bids from a variety of companies, and many times you may go with the low bidder in an attempt to save some money. But in the janitorial field, the old adage “You get what you pay for” certainly holds true. Why the lowest janitorial service bidder is not usually the best? Sometimes the lowest bidder is bidding low for one of the following reasons:

Low-end Equipment

If your cleaning company uses low-tech and cheap equipment, your office will not be as clean. For example, a low-end vacuum cleaner often does not have the suction power that a more expensive commercial model has. Your carpeted floors will not be kept free of dust, dirt and debris and this can cause issues for your clients or employees who suffer from respiratory issues such as asthma, causing more sick days. Dirty carpeting also has a shorter life than clean carpeting does, as ground in dirt and damaging pieces of debris will damage the nap of the carpet, causing it to look dull and the fibers to break down prematurely.

Inexpensive Cleaning Products

Often to save money, lower bidding janitorial companies will use the least expensive – and often least effective – chemical cleaners on the market. These cleaners are terrible for the environment and play havoc on the health of your employees who are inhaling their toxic fumes by causing headaches, skin irritation and breathing problems. Better janitorial cleaning companies use greener cleaning products to reduce the harmful fumes and residues left behind by low-end cleaning products – and they’re better for the environment as well.

Undocumented Employees

Some janitorial companies will skate the line of legality to save a few bucks by hiring undocumented employees. By paying them for their services, you are unwittingly enabling this illegal activity to occur on your premises. The hiring and under-the-table paying of undocumented workers is a direct violation of Federal law and most state and local labor laws as well.

While most prudent businesspeople want to look at the most competitive pricing when selecting a janitorial company it is always a red flag when the price is unbelievably low. There are many other good reasons not to cut corners on your commercial cleaning service selection. The health and well-being of your employees, your clients and your environment are a great place to begin.

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