Help Your Janitorial Company Reduce Cleaning Complaints
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Help Your Janitorial Company Reduce Cleaning Complaints

December 29th, 2014   •   No Comments can you help your janitorial company reduce cleaning complaints? Most building managers or office manager see their current cleaning company as an outside entity or just a contractor. We recommend that you treat a cleaning company like an employee where it is your job to help them be successful. Here is a list of items that help reduce cleaning complaints:

1. Create a space where they can store their supplies and equipment vs unloading and loading their car on every service: It is very important for your janitorial company to have a designated storage where they are the only ones with access. If your building has more than one level, consider providing one storage per level. Imagine carrying a mop bucket from the 1st floor up the stairs, filled with water vs having a 2nd mop bucket on the 2nd floor with access to water? Most janitorial companies have 44 gal trash cans with wheels that they use to collect trash in all offices and cubicles. The ideal scenario is also to have one per floor which means more than one storage.

2. Invest in good entry mats: If you have hired a janitorial company to clean your facilities M/W/F, it is very important to help them on the days off. Having a good quality entry mat keeps the dirt outside, which keeps your floors clean until the next scheduled cleaning service.

3. Pay according to your cleaning expectations: This is a common trend where we all want to “Pay less for more”. Think about purchasing a Coach ticket on South West but when you enter the plane expect first class seating and food service. Consider breaking down your monthly janitorial bill into a daily rate to determine the total labor hours you are getting per service.

4. Communicate with the cleaning company the company holidays: Just like the normal company employees get a memo with the approved vacation days for the year so that they can make travel plans, the housekeepers also need to plan ahead. Perhaps take a day off and clean the facility the next day if the office will be closed.

5. Pay on time: This tips is simple. Do you pay your employees on time every single payroll? If the answer is yes, then your contractors should be treated the same. This helps janitorial companies run payroll smoothly without having to spend time doing collections and instead using their time to do building inspections.

6. Have weekly or monthly reviews/inspections: It is very common for janitorial companies to get feedback only when something was missed or not done satisfactorily. Having routing inspections with the company’s supervisor and scheduling reviews not only helps with communication but also with setting the expectations and holding the cleaning company accountable.


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