Top Dirties Items in an Office
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Top Dirties Items in an Office

January 28th, 2015   •   No Comments you ever stopped and wondered what the top dirties items in an office are? The first thing that pops in people’s mind is the restrooms, but they are wrong. There are many studies that prove that the dirtiest place in an office is the break room. The following is a list of items that should be cleaned constantly.

–          Sink Faucet Handles: How many times a week is the sink faucet handles cleaned? It’s something that is over looked by many cleaning companies. Make sure the handles are being wiped down constantly.

Also make sure to disinfect the sponge with bleach or by putting it in the dishwasher. Prevent bacteria from building up in your sponge.

–          Refrigerator Door Handle: The refrigerator door handles are also frequently missed. It is important to wipe them down with a disinfectant since most employees open the refrigerator with food particles on their hands or with dirty hands. It helps prevent bacteria to spread.

–          Trashcan Lids: People usually spill food or drinks on the lids of the trashcans. It is important for them to be wiped down at least once a week. It is recommended to have trashcans that are sensor lids or step cans to prevent employees from having to touch the lids.

–          Water Fountain Buttons: Most employees drink water directly from the water fountain. Most of the times water fountains are not even cleaned. Make sure to clean the buttons and everywhere around the water fountain to prevent your employees from getting sick.

–          Microwave Door Handles: Last but not least, the microwave door handles should also be wiped down. Most people do not wash their hands after they heat their food up and later touch the door handles. Make sure the cleaning company wipes down all door handles in the break room at least once a week.

The best way to prevent germs from spreading is by making sure all your employees wash their hands constantly and by disinfecting all door handles around the office. Make sure to ask the janitorial cleaning company to add that to the list of duties they should do once a week.

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