Affordable Cleaning Company Versus The More Expensive One
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Affordable Cleaning Company Versus The More Expensive One

February 23rd, 2015   •   No Comments   

Women at workplace, professional female cleaner washing floor inIf you have been assigned the job of hiring and firing your currently cleaning crew, upper management must have a lot of trust on your judgment and work ethics. Upper management is probably expecting a cost efficient cleaning service that exceeds all expectations. Seems simple but this may be a little bit more difficult to accomplish. We wanted to share with you a few tips on what is the ideal janitorial company for your needs. Also, what are the difference between the affordable cleaning company versus the more expensive one.

Depending on the type of company you were for will determine what type of cleaning services you need to hire. If you work at a call center, chances are you will want Basic Janitorial Services. Basic services include daily cleaning of restrooms and trash removal with once a week dusting. If you work at a very profitable tech-company, you will probably needs a premium janitorial services that includes a day porter to ensure the facility is kept clean 24/7. Premium janitorial services may include re-stocking the employees snacks a drinks in the break-room.

Pros and Cons of hiring an affordable janitorial company:

Pros: Reduced monthly cleaning expenses

Pros: That is it.! There are no more good things that can come out of paying very little for janitorial services.

Cons: The less you pay a janitorial company the more corners they are going to cut to make sure they are still making a profit.

Cons: The companies that outbid the competition usually have less overhead expenses. This means… No one supervising the cleaners at night, No account manager assigned to your account. Expect getting a reply to your email 8 hours later vs within the hour it was sent.

Cons: The less you pay for janitorial services the higher the turnover of the night cleaner will be. The higher the turnover is, the greater need to retrain new staff.

In summary: We recommend always getting 5 janitorial bids. Of the 5 bids you get, remove the lowest bid and the highest bid. Then you are left with 3 bids to look into and ask specific questions prior to making a decision. If any of the 3 bids are through a cleaning franchise, you can toss that one away too. Why pay 20% more for franchising fees?

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