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Hire an Austin Culture Janitorial Company

February 20th, 2015   •   No Comments   

austincommercialcleaning Hiring a janitorial company may sometimes seem an afterthought, something you do not really have time to really look into. However, this is a very important tasks on your to do list for the following reasons:

A clean workspace means no dust, less allergies, which means healthier employees. A clean workspace means a clean break-room where your employees have lunch. A clean building means disinfected and sanitized restrooms. Now that I’ve mentioned just a few of the many reasons why hiring your next janitorial company is not something to be taken lightly and why you should hire an Austin Culture janitorial company. I will further explain why hiring a cleaning company with an “Austinite” culture is a better option than hiring a traditional cleaning service.

Key Traits of an Austinite Culture: Hardworking, fun, high-tech workers and businesspeople. So imagine you hire a janitorial company in which his/her owner has this culture?

Hardworking: much needed to ensure your building is getting a cleaning inspection every night so that when you come in every day everything is looking great!

Fun: So you hire a fun janitorial company… This may mean you will get Tiff-Treats once in a while as a Thank you for contracting our services”.

High-Tech: Perhaps the owner or one of the key-staff in the cleaning company used to work for a high-tech company in Austin. They know exactly what are the cleaning standards at a great high-tech company.

Business People: Hiring a janitorial company in which its leader has an Austinite culture may come with its perks! Perk #1: Great customer service and awesome response time to any inquiries. Perk #2: Going above and beyond on any last minute requests you need your janitorial company to help you with. Perk #3: Potential thank you lunch from Franklin’s BBQ without having to wait in line!

I traditional janitorial company will lack that Pizzazz that all companies in Austin Texas are wanting to cultivate in its own employees. Last, should you decide to go with a traditional janitorial company, at least stay away from cleaning franchises and Hire Local!

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