How to Identify Top Janitorial Companies in Austin
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How to Identify Top Janitorial Companies in Austin

February 18th, 2015   •   No Comments   

Bathroom cleaning kitIf you are an office manager, building manager, or manage a property management company, you will find this article very useful for how to identify top janitorial companies in Austin!

Very simple, look for these three things:

1)     Is the company locally owned?

2)     Has the company been in business for 5+ years?

3)     How is their customer service? Test it!

Is the janitorial company locally owned: This is perhaps the most important of the three. Why? If you hire a franchise or a “locally owned franchise” these companies have a 20% franchising fee that they have to pay every single month. This means if you pay them $4,000.00 a month to clean your facility, $800.00 are automatically taken to pay franchise fees. So in reality you are only paying $3,200.00 to get your facility cleaned, inspected and leave profit to the cleaning company franchise owner. Normally a janitorial company looks to make a 30% profit per contract. This means that out of the $3,200.00 your building will only get $2,560.00 worth of cleaning services and quality inspections. You started paying $4,000.00 but now you are only getting $2,560.00.

Has the company been in business for 5 years? You can get a company that has been in business longer than 5 years, but do not select one with less than 5 years. Reasons why: Less than 5 years means the company is still going through some growing pains. Less than 5 years in business may mean that their finances are still shaky. Shaky finances equal late payrolls, which results in unhappy employees.

The best cleaning companies have two things in common: Great janitors and great customer service. So how do you test their customer service during the courting period if everybody is on its best behavior? Send the operations manager multiple requests and expect a quick response time. On your first email ask for proof of insurance. On your second email ask them to make a few revisions to the cleaning agreement. On the third email ask for the name of the staff that will be assigned to clean your building should you contract them for the cleaning.

Lets face it, anybody can do a decent job cleaning but very few companies can meet and exceed their client’s expectations 365 days of the year.

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