Top 5 Janitorial Complaints and How to Eliminate Them
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Top 5 Janitorial Complaints and How to Eliminate Them

February 24th, 2015   •   No Comments   

Dealing with a commercial cleaning company can sometimes be a little difficult. If you have hired a janitorial company, you have probably had a couple complaints for them. Check out the top 5 janitorial complaints and how to eliminate them.

1. Supplies in the restrooms or break room are empty:

officecleaningaustinThis is the top complaint received by clients and the good news is that this is a very easy to fix complaint. If you currently have old multi-fold paper towel dispensers, consider changing these out for roll towels of 1,000 linear ft. Do not worry, if you have a good janitorial company, just ask and they will provide these to you free of charge and will also install them free of charge. Roll towels may seem a bit more expensive, but not when you factor all the wasted multi-fold paper towels your employees pinched out and left sitting on the counter getting wet. To ensure you get the most competitive price on roll towels, get dispensers that will allow generic refills. Generic refills are approx. 15% less than name brands.

2. Dirty Restrooms:

Your janitorial company must make sure all of their cleaners are trained properly to clean restrooms. Over and under the toilet seats, wash-mop under the commodes and urinals, wipe and disinfect all practitioners, etc. Make sure to request a schedule of the times a restroom is getting clean so that you can better track the cleaning. Example: If it says it was cleaned at 9:00am and you go in at 9:05 and notice a few things dirty, you will need to have a talk with the crew. Help the cleaning crew by offering storage in all restrooms. This will make their job easier when touching up the restrooms during the morning rush. Last, Make sure their rags are color-coded. Yellow for common areas dusting and red for restrooms only. Same concept for their mop-heads.

3. Lack of Dusting:

Prior to reporting this as a complaint, review the cleaning agreement. Sometimes these agreements include daily cleaning of all restrooms and trash removal, but only offer dusting once a week. If once a week if not enough, revisit the agreement with the cleaning company and work on bumping it up to twice a week. If you are already paying for daily dusting, then the office should be 100% dust free. Ask the cleaning crew to help you change you’re a/c filter and make sure all air vents are being vacuumed and dusted at least once a week.

4. Trash was Not Emptied:

This type of complaint normally happens when the cleaning company has turnover and the new housekeeper was not properly trained. Request that all new crew must be trained for 3 days in a row until they get a good grasp and establish a cleaning routine. If your currently janitorial company cannot provide this for you, you have two options:

1) Look for another janitorial company.

2) Ask for the supervisor to come inspect the facility daily to catch any missed trash prior to opening.

5. Lack of Vacuuming.

There must be a cleaning routine in place. The employee must first pick up trash and dust and vacuum last. If the vacuuming is done prior, then all the dust will fall on the floor and the work will be counter productive. The staff must also be trained to vacuum through the office counter-clockwise to ensure all areas are vacuumed and not missed.

We hope these tips have helped you!




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