The Best Tools and Equipment a Janitorial Company should have
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The Best Tools and Equipment a Janitorial Company should have

March 2nd, 2015   •   No Comments   

AustinCleaningVacuumHepaIn the Janitorial industry, unfortunately in most cases, the lowest bidder is awarded the cleaning contract. This has created an aggressive competition amongst all janitorial companies. The main question all janitorial companies ask themselves are “How can we lower our rates without cutting labor”. No janitorial company wants to cut down on labor. You cut down on labor and almost immediately you will start getting complaints from the clients. Cutting labor means the housekeepers will cut corners.

The best tools and equipment a janitorial company should have to make sure the work is accomplished at 100% client satisfaction with less labor expenses.

1)     Back-Pack Vacuum Cleaner: Using an upright vacuum cleaner is good ONLY for 500 sq ft of carpet or less. Anything over 500 sq ft definite merits a $350.00 Back-Pack Vacuum cleaner. The suction in a back-pack is more powerful and the janitor will be able to move freely throughout the space vacuuming faster than pushing and upright.

2)     Microfiber Rags: All cleaners must use microfiber rags for dusting. These not only clean better and don’t leave lint behind, but they also require no chemicals! It is very important that the housekeepers have 3 different colors of rags. Yellow for dusting common areas, blue for restrooms and orange for stainless steel appliances.

3)     Mop-Heads: NEVER, NEVER use cotton mop-heads. At a minimum, use rayon blend. A rayon blend will dry faster after every night’s use. This eliminates odor problems due to mildew on wet mop heads no air drying properly in the non-ventilated janitorial closets. For a better mopping, especially on VCT floor or polished cement, invest the extra $2.00 on microfiber rags. Make sure the crew has more then one mop bucket. This will allow 2 housekeepers to mop, which will expedite the mopping and will allow them to change dirty water more often.

4)     Have two janitor closets vs. one: Having two closets ill help the crew not have to carry equipment or supplies form one place to the remainder of the facility. If it is a 3 story building, PLEASE allow the janitorial cleaning company to have on closet downstairs and one in the upstairs. Janitors are already short on paid time during the evening cleaning; helping them with this item will save them a few minutes which will allow them to clean more.

We hope these tips help you if you are starting a janitorial company. If you are an office manager, these tips will help you understand the cleaner’s needs. “Help me, help you”.

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