Hire the lowest janitorial bidder
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Hire the Lowest Janitorial Bidder

March 9th, 2015   •   No Comments   

bottleaustinThere are several good things of hiring the lowest janitorial bidder for your office cleaning services. But with the good also comes the bad. Have you heard the saying “You get what you pay for”? Check out the following pros and cons you can come across when you hire the lowest janitorial bidder.

There are three good things that can come out of contracting the most affordable cleaning service: Save your budget for other company expenses, the cleaner’s company will be a locally owned company, and … well I lied..there are only two things I can think of. I do agree with hiring local. Why hire a national franchise and pay 20% more if the cleaners that they will provide will be local anyways?

Be mindful that if you choose to hire the lowest bidder, these things may come with the price: The Company may show proof of liability insurance upon hire, but 2 months later they will drop it without letting you know. The cleaners may not have company uniforms when visiting your facilities. Their customer service may not be great. You may experience running out of supplies and expect an increase 12 months later.

Liability coverage: In Austin, TX for a janitorial company to have insurance the expense is not that much. A company can get coverage for approximately $150.00/month, with liability of $1,000,000.00. For medium sized to large companies, this monthly expense is very insignificant, but for “Mom & Pop” shops this may be something they cannot afford to pay each month. We suggest if you hire a small janitorial company, to ask for proof of insurance at least every 6 months.

No Uniforms – No Problem: In the janitorial industry the hardest challenge is to outbid the competition while having enough net profit left. This sometimes means there is no money for uniforms. This may not be a deal breaker for some clients while other clients demand the custodians to be dressed with kakis and a polo-shirt with the company logo.

Bad Customer Service: Hiring a small janitorial company may mean that the sales person and the evening super supervisor is the same person. This means if you call with a complaint at 9am, he or she may be taking a 2 hour nap. Smaller janitorial companies may also lack email customer service. They can be great at answering the phone, but most clients nowadays prefer to send an email, get a reply and save the email for their records.

Running out of Supplies: Small janitorial companies tend to have cash flow problems. This is not entirely their fault, since some clients pay them late and payroll is the 1st priority. Imagine if in a small company 3 out of their 10 clients paid them late, this means that the 70% received will cover payroll and that’s it. When this happens, you will notice your office is running low on toilet paper or paper towels. This means that they are waiting on their other clients to pay them so that they can go and purchase supplies.

We hope these tips help you when contracting your next cleaning service. Businesses are always on the lookout for quality professional cleaning. Contact us today if you are looking for an experienced janitorial cleaning company in Austin TX that can help you clean your facilities like offices, shopping malls, retail areas, clinics, schools, colleges and universities feel free to contact us. Austin Professional Cleaning Services offers 24 hour on-call service. Our specialized and trained crews carry the right equipment to do a great job! We specialize in Janitorial Cleaning ServicesFloor Care: Stripping and Waxing, Window Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Post Construction Cleaning, and High Ceiling Dusting. We are also fully insured in liability with coverage up to 2 million dollars.  Call us today to receive a FREE CLEANING QUOTE.

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