Measuring your Office Square Footage to Estimate Janitorial Expenses
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Measuring your Office Square Footage to Estimate Janitorial Expenses

March 12th, 2015   •   No Comments   

cleaningofficeaustinMeasuring the approximate or exact cleaning square footage of a facility in order to get an accurate cleaning estimate is the most inaccurate misconception that a lot of building managers and new janitorial companies in Austin TX have. Knowing the square footage of a facility is helpful only as a good starting point. This article will further explain why not to focus solely on measuring your office square footage to estimate janitorial expenses.

Scenario: Two identical buildings measuring 20,000 sq ft each ask for a M-F cleaning proposal. One building is a call center for an insurance company (Co. ABC) and the second one is a fun, high-tech, software sales company (Co. DEF). There are three very important factors you need to consider.

1)      Number of employees each firm has: If Co. ABC has 100 employees and Co. DEF has 250 employees there will definitely be a difference in the cleaning price. The more employees a company has the more trash there is to remove. The more employees occupy a facility, the dirtier the restrooms will get. More employees, equals more cubicles to dust.

2)      Onsite Day porter: If a company has a day porter, this person will keep the facilities clean throughout the day. He/she can re-stock all supplies, keep the break room clean, touch-up the restrooms etc. The only three things that a day porter cannot do is remove trash from offices and desks, vacuum (too loud), and mop (slip hazard). This means that the evening crew will have less work, which means your evening cleaning janitorial proposal will be less than the company without a day porter.

3)      A cook on sight: Some companies provide their employees with lunch. This is a trend especially here in Austin. Happy employees work harder. Provide your employees lunch and all of the sudden they don’t take a full hour lunch break. So if a company with 250 employees provides lunch, there will be a significant increase in trash. If the same company does not provide lunch, about half of the staff will leave the facility to go eat somewhere, which means less trash.

4)      Fun Company vs Traditional Co.: So Co. ABC is traditional and Co. DEF has 3 kegerators and shoots tiny nerf rockets throughout the facility and provides their employees with unlimited snacks. You are right, Co. DEF will require more cleaning than Co. ABC.

These four items I’ve mentioned are only a few key factors to consider. There are many more that you can also factor in: Is the building old or new? What industry (Construction co. vs law firm), etc. So next time a janitorial company visits your facility to generate a quote, do not stress out about not knowing the specific square footage. Focus more on making sure you provide them with a clear idea on what type of company they will be cleaning if awarded the cleaning contract.

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