How to transition to your new Janitorial Company in Austin TX
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How to transition to your new Janitorial Company in Austin TX

March 5th, 2015   •   No Comments   

cleaning-supplies-austin If you are in charge of contracting a new janitorial cleaning service to take great care of your facilities you have a tall order. On the good side… your boss must really trust your skills and ability to do due diligence prior to hiring a service. When you hire a new cleaning company transitioning to the new company can be a little difficult. Here are some tips on how to transition to your new Janitorial Company in Austin TX.

So you have a cleaning company and the first 6 months were great but in the 2nd part of the year you are starting to notice the level of service has gone done. We suggest you send out a direct, border line harsh email to the operations manager and make sure he/she gets the memo that you will not tolerate this. Remember, you are contracting this company and they are not your employees. This gives you a little wiggle room to be less HR appropriate and conscientious.

You sent out an email with a list of complaints, the services got better for 3-4 weeks and then it is back to normal. This just means that the evening supervisor was sent during those 3-4 weeks to help the cleaning crew clean. He/she did not retrain the crew nor replaced the crew. This is when you start shopping around for another janitorial company.

Look for the current cleaning agreement you have and highlight the areas you are having trouble with. Edit the document to make it more like a checklist vs. an agreement. The next step is to invite 3 janitorial companies for a walk-through. PLEASE make sure these companies are NOT franchises, nor a mom and pop shops. A medium size, local company is the ideal contractor. Once the walkthrough is done, share your checklist with the 3 vendors visiting. They will use this to generate their proposal.

If you have the option of when to change out the cleaning company, make their last day a Friday and have the new janitorial company bring in their equipment on Saturday and ask them to do a quick spot check of all the areas prior to their first cleaning starting on Monday. This will help with two things. It will help the crew get familiar with the facilities and it will take care of any missed items from the prior cleaning company. Not sure if I’ve ever met anyone that gives 100% on their very last day J.

Lastly, schedule early morning inspections with the cleaning supervisor for the first 3 services. This will give both parties the opportunity to tweak any minor things. Once the services are at full speed, we do suggest you continue to do a morning inspection at least once a month with the cleaning supervisor.

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