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How to Clean Commercial Restrooms

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austinbathroomcleaningIt’s very important to know how to clean commercial restrooms. Not just clean them but also thoroughly sanitize them. Some janitorial cleaning companies do a great job in sanitizing restrooms. It’s important to understand how germs are spread and how you can eliminate them. The following is a list of things that needs to be done so that a restroom is sanitized properly.

  1. Clean all door handles, dryers, knobs and stall walls.
  2. Leave restrooms smelling fresh and clean. Do not just cover up orders with harsh chemicals.
  3. Used color-coded mops heads and rags. You don’t want them cleaning your kitchen with the same rags and mop heads they used for your restrooms.
  4. Make sure not to add too much chemicals to your mopping solution. This will cause floors to be sticky.
  5. Make sure to scrub floors to clean the grout at least once a week or once a month, depending on the restrooms usage.
  6. Important to clean walls around urinals and toilets. Urine could be splashed around it and can cause bad odors.
  7. Clean mirrors making sure they are streak free. Don’t use too much Windex.
  8. Thoroughly clean all counters. Make sure to clean grim around sinks. Make sure they are mold and grime free.
  9. Check for any stall doors that are not properly working.
  10. Report any graffiti.
  11. Remove any gum.

Your commercial cleaning company can create a cleaning plan for your restrooms. There are many things they take into considerations when creating a cleaning plan. Make sure they stop by to see the office and restrooms before they give you a quote. Call Austin Professional Cleaning Services for a free cleaning quote today!

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