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Do Hotels Benefit From Outsourcing Commercial Cleaning Services?

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As soon as someone walks into a hotel the first thing people will notice is how clean it is. It doesn’t really matter if the hotel is older or if it’s extravagant. What matters the most is how clean it is. Hotels operate 24 hours a day and should be cleaned consistently. Since hotels always needs to be clean and ready for guest it’s very common that hotels outsource their housekeeping services to professional commercial cleaning companies. How do hotels benefit from outsourcing commercial cleaning services?

  1. Helps keep up with the hotel’s image:

Your guests need to feel safe as soon as they walk into your hotel. The entrance and the lobby are the first thing guest see. They should always be cleaned. If you have a cleaning team, they usually clean the rooms, but they don’t have time to clean the entrance or all the common areas. Outsourcing commercial cleaning services to take care of the entrance, lobby, common areas, fitness and spa center will help keep everything clean and keep up with your image.

  1. Reduces costs and expenses:

Commercial cleaning companies have more manpower and work faster. You won’t have to pay your employees overtime hours. Also, if you hire a cleaning company, you won’t have to keep housekeeping on payroll.

  1. Eliminates other vendors for additional services needed:

Commercial Cleaning Companies offer different cleaning services that you can use, like carpet cleaning, strip & wax, window cleaning and many other services. You won’t need to hire different vendors if you find a commercial cleaning company that offers additional services.

  1. Always staffed and supervised:

Cleaning companies have many different crews. If someone calls in sick they can send someone to cover for them. Cleaning companies also conduct inspections. A manager will inspect and make sure the cleaning crew is doing the job correctly. A hotel manager is usually really busy. Having someone take care of the cleaning inspections will save them a lot of time.

If you manage a hotel, check and analyze your options. Is it more beneficial if you hire a commercial cleaning company? Research cleaning companies in your area, you might save a lot of money if you outsource the cleaning. Austin Professional Cleaning Services has a lot of experience in hotel cleaning. Call us today for a free quote!

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