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Hire a Day Porter to Clean your Facility

August 17th, 2017   •   No Comments   

Bathroom cleaning kitIs your building being cleaned at night only? Does the facility receive so much traffic during the day that you feel you need cleaning services during the day? You might need to hire a Day Porter to clean your facility. A Day Porter can help you run your facility smoothly.

The Day Porter’s job can be customized according to each client. The following are specific items that are usually added to the cleaning program:

  1. Lobby Maintenance and Cleaning
  2. Kitchen, Break-rooms, and Cafeteria Cleaning and Restocking
  3. Patio Maintenance and Cleaning
  4. Monitoring, Servicing Restrooms, and Restocking
  5. Trash and Debris Removal
  6. Meeting Room Setup and Cleaning

Hiring a Day Porter can have many benefits. The main benefit is that it will keep your facility cleaned during the day, which will impress your clients and keep employees happy.

The Day Porter can focus on small details and the nightly cleaning crew on the bigger things. Creating a good program with the Day Porter and the nightly cleaning crew is vital. Having a good team that works together will help tackle every item that needs to be cleaned in the building.

The Day Porter also needs to be professional and trained cleaning crews to interact with employees and clients. There are many rules that Day Porters need to follow. When you hire someone, make sure they are trained.

Austin Professional Cleaning Services has been in business since 2008. We have plenty of Day Porters that are trained to help keep your facility spotless during the day. Call us today for a free cleaning quote!

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