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Janitorial Companies Offer Emergency Cleaning During Heavy Rains

August 28th, 2017   •   No Comments   

austinofficecleaningHeavy rains can cause many problems to your office. Janitorial Companies offer emergency cleaning during heavy rains. If you have a janitorial company servicing your facility after hours during the recent rains, consider yourself lucky! Here is why…

Your janitorial company already serves as additional security for your facility. They arrive after-hours to clean and if they find something unusual like a broken glass door, they report it. Another good example is when one of your employees leaves through a side door and forgets to lock it or set the alarm. The cleaning crew comes late at night and can report if the alarm wasn’t set or if a door was left open. This will help you to remind your employees to always double check before they leave.

This weekend we received quite a few calls from our cleaning crews. One shared a power outage at a local restaurant. We called the restaurant owner and he was able to bring a generator to save the food in the freezer from spoiling. Another restaurant and a couple of offices had water leaks. Our crews were able to use a wet-vac and saved the wood floors or carpet from getting wet or damaged. This is why it is very important for the cleaning staff to have an emergency contact phone number.

So next time there is a storm coming, email your janitorial company and provide them with an emergency contact number.   You can also ask them to text you a quick FYI when they are servicing the facility, letting you know there are no water leaks, water coming in the office, etc. The good thing about this is that this “above and beyond” service is completely free of charge, that is if you have a good janitorial company with great customer service.

Austin Professional Cleaning Services has always offered the best customer service in the industry and always provide our customers with emergency cleaning. We care about our clients and we will work hard to always offer the best services to them. Call us today for a free cleaning quote!

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