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Important Areas to Clean in Schools

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Bathroom Sinks 2Schools are usually packed with students, staff members, visitors as well as germs and bacteria. Keeping a school clean is a necessity. A clean school ensures a healthy and safety environment for everybody. The following are important areas to clean in schools:

Restroom: Having cleaning restrooms is extremely important for a school. Depending how big the school is you might need to have a day porter and a night cleaning crew. A day porter can help keep the restrooms decent and stocked for all the kids. The night crew can focus on a deep cleaning. Keeping the restrooms clean will help keep the students and staff healthy.

Floors: School floors are usually very dirty. Floors get really dirty because students go outside to play and bring back sand and dirt. They also tend to drop a lot of food. There are many wants you can help keep the floors clean. First, you need to have good entry floor mats. It’s important to have a floor mat in every entryway. Second, you should ask your cleaning company to create a cleaning floor program for you. You might need to schedule buffing services, strip and wax, or machine floor scrubs. Ask the cleaning company what would work best for your floors.

Important areas that are usually forgotten: In schools, dirty and germs can be found everywhere. It’s important for the health of the students and staff that everything is kept clean. Make sure you ask the cleaning company to clean the walls, door handles, window sills, horizontal surfaces, stair rails, behind the doors, and light fixtures.

The following are things teachers can do to help the cleaning staff.

  1. Ask teachers to stack chairs at the end of each school day. This will make it easier for the cleaning company to clean the floors.
  2. They can also make sure not the have a lot of clutter.
  3. A big problem we have seen is that students stick their chewing gum under the tables and chairs. Teachers need to keep an eye out and educate the students to make sure they throw it in the trashcan.
  4. Restrict students from eating in classrooms. If they only eat in the cafeteria, classroom floors will be kept cleaner.

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