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Black Friday Retail Store Cleaning Tips

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Retail Store Cleaning TipsRetail stores get really crowded during black Friday. With so many people walking into your stores during Black Friday, they can get really dirty and messy. You should definitely be prepared and have a plan to keep your stores clean. Here are five black Friday retail store cleaning tips.

Window Cleaning: Make sure you schedule a window cleaning service before and after Black Friday. Windows is the first thing your customers see. You want them to be extremely clean to cause a good impression.

Disinfect Doors: Make sure you clean and disinfect the entrance doors and changing room’s doors. With the change in weather people usually tend to get sick during this time. Disinfecting doors can help prevent employees and customers getting sick. Place a hand sanitizer on each register.

Entrance Mats: If you currently don’t have an entrance mat, you should consider placing on before the holidays. Mats help keep dirt out of your stores. With the foot traffic you will get, entrance mats will help prevent dirt from entering your stores. This will help protect your floors and save you money on the long run.

Trash Cans: People can’t survive Black Friday with out coffee. Make sure to place trashcans around your store. This will definitely help keep your stores clean.

Be Ready For Accidents: You can’t even start to imagine the horror stories retail store managers have seen. All employees should be prepared for anything to happen.

Black Friday can get a little crazy, but if you are prepared you can survive. If you are a store manager, make sure to schedule a cleaning service with your janitorial cleaning company. If you’re a shopper make you’re prepared. Check out this article by Fortune that has a list of apps that you can use to find the best deal!

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