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Apartment Complex Cleaning Tips

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ApartmentBuildingEach tenant is in charge of cleaning their own apartments, but who cleans the hallways, gyms and all the common areas in an apartment complex? Keeping the apartment complex clean is extremely. There are many apartment complex cleaning tips that can be helpful. As an apartment property manager, you want to keep all your tenants happy. If you don’t hire a good janitorial cleaning company, you will definitely receive plenty of complaints. You also want to impress future tents. You don’t want to walk around a dirty property. First impressions are very important. The following are apartment complex cleaning tips.

  1. Cleaning up after pets

This is probably the most important thing to do. Most apartments in Austin are pet friendly. Make sure you have doggie stations around the property. This will help keep the property clean. Also, ask people to clean after their pets. Accidents happen. If the property manager doesn’t implement cleanliness people will not clean up after their pets. Stay on top of it. A cleaning company can help by cleaning the hallways and elevators.

  1. Maintenance

Things break, light bulbs burn out, or things get vandalized. If you hire a janitorial cleaning company, ask them to stay on top of it. Janitorial cleaners should walk the property to see if there is anything they need to report or fix.

  1. Trash Pick Up

It’s important to have trashcans easily accessible for residents. It’s also important to keep your property clean. Have your janitorial cleaners pick up trash around the property.

Depending on how big the apartments complex is, you might need to hire a janitorial cleaning company to clean it between 1 to 5 days a week. Make sure you budget for cleaning. The appearance of your building is very important. The following is a job specification list to keep your apartment complex clean.

Daily Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • Mop floors in hallways and corridors.
  • Vacuum all carpeted floors including lobby and entrance mats.
  • Clean inside entrance areas.
  • Clean all glass entry doors.
  • Clean restrooms.
  • Clean elevator floors and tracks.
  • Disinfect interior elevator walls and control panel.
  • Clean conference rooms.
  • Clean kitchen area counters and sinks and sweep and mop floors.
  • Mop tile floors.
  • Clean drinking fountains and disinfect.

Weekly Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • High-speed buffing and burnishing of floors in the main thoroughfare hallways and corridors.
  • Clean the carpets in the main thoroughfare hallways and corridors.

Semi-Monthly Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • Sweep, mop, disinfect handrails, wipe down horizontal surfaces, and spot clean walls in stairwell areas.
  • Replace burned out bulbs and tubes in the stairwell areas.

Annual Cleaning of Building Common Areas

  • Hard surface floors are stripped and waxed.
  • Shampoo carpets

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