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Tips for Keeping Your Office Clean and Professional

February 22nd, 2018   •   No Comments   

austinofficecleaningThe New Year can be a perfect time to start good, new habits. Benefits of a clean office have been shown to increase employee productivity and improving customer perceptions. I’ve outlined below a few tips for keeping your office clean and professional.

1. Clean your desk

Start your New Year by organizing your work space. Begin by removing everything off of your desk. Use microfiber towels and the solution of your choice to thoroughly wipe the surface of your desk.

Do you need 300 paper clips or 7 stacks of Post it Notes? It’s likely that you don’t.  Reduce the clutter. Did you know that most people are more creative with a clean slate? It’s true. Think of it this way, when an artist begins to paint on his/her canvas, its blank! This allows for all of your creative images and ideals to flow more freely.

2. Don’t eat at your desk

Psychologist claim that you need the change of space that a lunch break provides. The average desks over 400 times bacteria (including E. Coli and Salmonella) than the average toilet seat. Let that fact sink in for a moment. Your desk needs to be disinfected on a daily basis! Just this fact alone should encourage you to leave your desk during the lunch hour, stretch, breathe in fresh air and recharge! And remember, no more eating at your desk!

3. Clean computers and electronic equipment

It’s important to clean and wipe down your electronic equipment. Check with your IT Department to see what their preferred method is for cleaning your company issued equipment. There are lots of bacteria hiding in nooks and crannies that you may not know exist!

4. Garbage and Recycling Bins

You want to regularly empty all garbage cans and recycling bins. Designate bins in the kitchen that are specifically for food disposal. Most companies encourage a recycling program and some are mandated by the state in which you live. If your company does not currently practice a cohesive recycling program, start one! You can find information on the internet that will provide guidelines for your state. Initiating a recycling program is surely to be noticed by your peers and supervisor. It might even play into a “bonus” for you at review time. It’s a win, win!

5. Put Yourself in the Client’s Shoes

Walk through your office with the eyes of your customers. Encourage your employees with the task to do the same. What is your first impression? Your clients will take notice of tidy workplace. They will also take notice if the space is unkept, in disarray and unorganized. The latter is absolutely the wrong image. You want to represent yourself to the client or customer as organized and clean. This will show a reflection in how you present your work. Clients DO notice!

6. Hire a professional cleaning service! 

Leave it to the professionals. This is their business and they work hard and diligently to keep their clients satisfied. Commercial janitorial services is a big business and no doubt it can be time consuming vetting the right service for your company. Most janitorial services provide a wide range of services and products to accommodate even the most picky clients. Never be afraid to ask for a specific cleaning product or your method preference for how you’d like to see results. Remember, they are in business to accommodate you!

By following the tips I’ve mentioned on how to clean your office, you can achieve a healthy and environmentally safe and clean work space for you and your employees.

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