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Austin, a Growing City with a Shortage for Good Janitorial Companies

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bestcommercialcleaningaustintxDo you know how many people move to Austin, TX each day? In 2016, an average of 159 people moved to Austin each day! Austin has grown into a fast moving city with about 41,000+ businesses and it’s still growing. Who cleans all these new businesses? Austin, a growing city with a shortage for GOOD janitorial companies! How do you find the good janitorial companies?

Most office managers use Yelp as a guide to help them pull a list of the best 3 janitorial companies to get a bid from. Companies with 5-Star ratings are more likely to be called than one with 3 or 4 stars. In the janitorial industry it is not rare for an unhappy customer to give a 30-Day notice to a commercial cleaning company and at the same time rate them on yelp. At Austin Professional Cleaning Services, we believe in not only offering great cleaning services but the BEST customer service in the industry. This clearly reflects on our Yelp page!

So you called the top 3 janitorial companies in Yelp but would like a few more quotes? Who else to call and get bids from? A Google search will quickly provide you with a long list of janitorial company. Most, without any ratings or online presence. The key is prior to meeting with a cleaning company, ask them to send you 3 client references. It will only take 3 minutes to draft a quick email and copy and past to all three references provided. At least one of the references should be a similar type of business and yours in regards to the layout, industry and size of employees.

We always highly recommend to stay away from janitorial franchises. This should always be one of the first questions when calling for a bid. In a nutshell, janitorial franchisees will use subcontractors, have monthly fees for the franchisee owners, and sell the cleaning account for dollar value of the monthly invoices X 3. Always hire locally and preferably a medium size company vs a small janitorial. Small could be great, but it also has its cons. If the cleaning staff gets sick, there is no one to substitute. The business owner may be doing his/her fair share of cleaning at night, which means resting during the day which means slow response time for customer’s emails.

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